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Learn to recognize dysfunctions of the mechanical stability from Segmental joint and Multi-segmental muscular - fascial causes. I hope one day everybody has the opportunity to meet him.

FREE Case Studies Webinars

Increase the intensity, duration and frequency of the exercise every two weeks each element gradually, not all at once. Juan is a bushy-tailed brilliant enthusiastic professional who is a delight to know.

Join the Webinar Awesome! Juan would be a great asset to you as a presenter in your conventions. In 3 steps you will learn: Juan Castellano has great skills in all the techniques and classical methods of physiotherapy and has developed his own methodology to handle mechanical dysfunctions specially from the lack of physical condition among other morphological causes.

I was impressed with Juan's medical background and his serious professionalism, which belied his youthful and fun persona, when I was introduced to him and commissioned to write a series of articles about him and his work in Living Tenerife magazine.


Re-train the stability of the local musculature to recruit it in the segmental control of the movement. Learn to design a physical activity regimen in a systematic and individualized way, to obtain the greatest benefits with the lowest risks. Subjects with "special characteristics" usually have a poor physical condition that limits their abilities.

Learn specific techniques of joint mobilization and connective tissue fascias to attenuate or eliminate restrictions.

Vivienne Sharman Lewis - Exhibition and Trade Fare Team Training and Provisions for lead generation at Visions Promotions and Events Cardiff, United Kingdom For Juan Castellano it is enough to scan 10 seconds even the hardest cases of the world to serve the best solution for somebody in the way of a big change in life.

Improve your vision on how to work with special populations. I never seen before the same methodhis knowledge of physiotherapy and Pilates push him to create this fabulous method and is really effective!!!

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Tere Vidal - Gerente y propietaria de Studi. Learn to analyze the causes of dysfunction of stability in relation to symptomatic pathology.

These special characteristics may be related to age, gender, disability, illness, etc. He is dedicated in finding innovative techniques unitizing the Pilates Method for rehabilitation and also has a passion for correcting faulty movement patterns.

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And i am sure there are many professionals who learned, motivated a lot, got inspire and had a very big vision with him around the movement area all around the earth. Learn how to do a prescription of physical exercise adapted to their characteristics and possibilities.

How to gain myofascial extensibility 1 2. Carry out a progression of the elements of the physical exercise program.

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The symptoms and signs of progress must be assessed periodically. Silvana Straccia - Former Managing Director at Wady Properties Tenerife-Spain More reasons to signup Benefits of joining this webinar This webinar aims to be a useful tool for all those professionals who work in the field of physical activity and health.

How to recover muscle global stability to control myofascial compensations. These dysfunctions are presented as combinations of normal movement restriction and associated compensations to maintain function.

This is Juan Castellano! Having had bad back problems in the lasts year, and supervised by him and his first analysis of my personal background and situation, he created and adequate routine specially for me and my dicease, that has improved my movility and strengh moslty in the low back as I had a discal hernia; and I had stopped suffering the constant pain I had.