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May 07, With excellent battery life, a great camera and gorgeous screen, the Lumia XL brings Windows Phone phablets back from the Stuff TV The Lumia XL suggests Microsoft is trying to retain its reputation for being a company that offers decent phones outside of the very top-end models.

May 18, 80 We still haven't really seen a high-end phone from Microsoft, as the company lumia 640 xl review uk dating into its Nokia buy-out, a move that started with the budget phones, and has now hit the mid-range.

Lumia 640, 640 XL release date

The is mainly available in a glossy finish, while the XL is predonimantely matte with only white as a glossy option. As its name suggests, it packs in phablet sizing, but for a fairly low cost.

Affordable Microsoft Lumia smartphones are making big steps in emerging markets, and the Lumia is unlikely to be an exception Comes with one-year subscription of Office included.

Costs will likely be comparable. Here's everything you need to know about the Lumia and XL release date, price and specifications.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Still, if you have the budget and want a phone that can go the distance, the Lumia XL is an excellent choice. Above is the Lumia which comess in glossy cyan blueorange and white, plus matte black.

By Wired on May 13, The best camera you can get at this price.

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It would be awesome to see everything on its display due to its sheer sizehowever its quality hinders it: Like the 5-inch Lumiathe 5. March 27, 3: P4F 07 Mar Well, I dating site first questions an accident one several months ago and what I can report by the way, sorry for my almost incomprehensible english for anyone eager to buy one and is coming from other app ecosystem: Black, White and Orange.

Microsoft's latest Lumia 640 XL promotion is in black and white (UK only)

Behind the scenes, there's a 1. As a low-end device, it offers a strong feature set that will tempt people who were willing to spend a bit more on a rival device.

Quad-core Snapdragon processor at 1.

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So what's in the new update? Techradar Microsoft promises it has some Windows powered flagship phones in the pipeline, and it's unfair to compare the Lumia XL to the Galaxy S6 and the best models on the market. Here are some pictures I captured with the device during the review process: At the moment, the software does offer a really good experience.

Review details

We know that these smartphones will become available for various world regions over the next few weeks, and now the Lumia and XL are tipped for an India Since Microsoft bought Nokia's phone division at the end ofwe've seen quite a few perfectly adequate handsets that aren't going to burn too big a hole in your pocket or get your pulse racing all that quickly.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Now it seems one user has gotten his LED light to shine as a beacon of hope for all of us waiting to have our activated, The Lumia suffers from touchscreen issues and although it has been addressed, users are still reporting it. January 10, 9: Performance Windows Phone is known as one of the most fluid smartphone operating systems, even on budget specs.

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From the removable back to the volume and power buttons, the Lumia XL has a feeling of cheapness, but it's not quite as negative as that sounds. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: If you're on a budget and you want a big phablet-style handset, then give the Lumia XL some serious consideration.

A Windows 10-capable phablet aimed at businesses

The bright plastic backing mine was orange is pleasing to the touch, and the workmanship is solid, but you won't mistake this for a premium device. The phones also offer 60 free minutes of Skype Unlimited worldwide calling per month.

You can join the Windows Insider program and install the beta version of Windows 10 immediately, if you want to. Microsoft Lumia and XL review now with prices Source: It's also distinctly Lumia, with a raised camera lens module, edges that are curved and rounded, and a choice of colours for the back casing.

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OneDrive is now firmly established as Microsoft's great hope for consumer cloud storage, and of course the app is built right into the software on the Lumia XL. Ascend Mate 7 March 23, Just last week, we reported that users The power and volume buttons sit on the right, with the power button lowest, as is the norm for Lumias.

Both are powered by the quad-core 1. The screen won't blow anyone away, and high-powered gaming might be a bit of a struggle, but otherwise, it'll sail through both professional and personal use with ease.

The One M9 largely keeps the premium metal unibody aura of its predecessor, but upgrades the internals with a faster Snapdragon chipset, and a high-res 20 MP camera. Other than that, 1gb ram is not enough to run more than 2 apps at time, it's very common on a daily basis to experience an app shutting down, specially the default browser mainly when you are navigating into a heavy webpagebecause the ram couldn't handle with "that" much data.


The company recently released an update for a touch-sensitivity issue for the smartphone. Yesterday, the Microsoft Lumia XL beat The removable rear cover and battery come as a nice bonus, too.

LumiaXL specifications First, it's important to say that both devices come with Windows Phone 8.

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It's a sign of the device's robustness — this is not a phone that's going to mind a scratch — though if you often swap cards out, it has the potential to become annoying.