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Lucent Heart

The skills and class archetypes are further diversified as the Gunners can eventually class change into Comet Marksman or Nova Sentinel, which actually sounds pretty darn cool. Non-combat pets provide passive bonuses for you as the pet reaches higher levels flirt boutique mpls tribune combat pets can be taught abilities to aid you while hunting.

You can marry the same-sex or opposite sex. Lucent Heart is still undergoing beta testing but also accepting beta applicants. Get to about 10, charm points and you will see changes in the color of your name. Until then, keep an open heart and check out www. Some members even asked random people on the server to contribute, and they helped without even knowing us.

Lucent Heart The Cupid System Trailer

Benefits of having a Soul Mate: Explore dungeons and labyrinths, take down bosses with friends, pets, and mounts — all of the fantasy RPG fun players know and love. You can acquire pets by completeting quests, by finding them through drops or by purchasing them in stores Non-combat pets follow you and gain experience by being fed.

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There's also a ton of emoticons specifically made for couples so you can hug, kiss, hold hands and lots of other couple-related interactivity. This is a psychology test, and if you answer the same, both of you guys will get a soul mate seal which can be traded with cupid for prizes.

Use this method at your own risk.

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If she finds another SM that will allow her to take care of the flower, she can use her Charm Points towards that flower to make her own petals. Gamania also publishes Hero: The longer you stay in-game, the more prizes you can receive.

Discover each other through an extensive array of matchmaking features and special date dungeons. The winner receives a big cash prize, incredible modeling opportunities, exciting press coverage, and the honor of representing Lucent Heart for its North American launch.

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I know, it sounds cheesy and it is cheesy. When you have points you can click on "water" and you will see that the bar on the left will slowly go up, and soon you will see a stem, which will eventually turn into a flower!

Those petals can be used to obtain hair items and belts which have pretty nice stats.

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Random Article Blend A lot of games have marriage systems but none of them have a matchmaking system similar to real-life dating services, except for Lucent Heart.

Knights can class change into Solar Guardians or Celestial Templars. Lucent Heart Gameplay Screenshot Source: For example, those under the Taurus sign have natural abilities leaning towards a Priest. Luckily enough there is a diverse selection of crafting opportunities available, allowing gamers to make weapons, armor and potions to help out during a battle.

Warriors will branch off into Knights or Gunnersfollowing suit with the healers the Gunners are mainly long-range DPS classes while the Knights are for tanking.

Soul Mate seals cannot be traded or sold to other characters, only that little flying baby. You can also see which colors represent what kind of stats the accessory will have.

Lucent Heart

The two starting classes include a Mage and Warrior. Above guide by kirakira. What do they do?

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Hopeless romantics and battle-hardened warriors alike will soon get a sneak peek of the magical world of Acadia. You can pick a crafting Profession at level 5. From there the Mages have the option of becoming a Wizard or Priest, with the former being primarily for DPS while the latter focuses on single and party heals.

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I wanna be able to give it to my soul mate. This Lucent Heart preview covers a lot of the general concepts featured in the unique new title as well as some of the things gamers can expect to see or experience when the game goes live this summer.

You can check the Activity Billboard in the icons on the right side of the screen for times of day. Use the following guide and select answers for the corresponding boxes based on the guide.

Ten Ton Hammer | Gamania Launches Dating MMOG, Lucent Heart

Here is a solution kind of This game allows you up to 3 Soul Mates. Lucent Heart has some serious backbone to its gameplay design, with a lot of relationship-related buffs, quests and boosts to help give couples an advantage during a fight.

The MMO will offer classic RPG elements including advanced classes, a complex zodiac system, bosses, dungeons, pets, and mounts. You can look for Lucent Heart to go live in North America during the summer of Money bets are encouraged!