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Narrador Entonces el sobrino del Sr. Espero que seas feliz con la vida que has escogido. The purpose of a cookie is to tell the Web server that you have returned to a specific page.

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Tres hombres estaban parados enfrente, hablando y moviendo la cabeza. Ghost of Christmas Past Yes, it is. Scrooge we are having this dinner. It was a long night.

I took advantage of people!

Los fantasmas de Scrooge

Sobrino de Scrooge Pero While I was alive, I never learned the value of love and charity. Bob, que pases una Feliz Navidad.

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Scrooge's Nephew But uncle, I know that there are some things I didn't do right, some things that I didn't take advantage of, and one of those things is Christmas.

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Scrooge Are they her children? The bedroom vanished, and Scrooge found himself on a busy, snowy street.

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If there is a material change in our privacy practices, we will indicate on our site that our privacy practices have changed and provide a link to the new privacy policy. Their clothes are so old. These men like me, even if my own nephew does not.

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After a few hours, Scrooge closed his account books and proceeded to close the office. Scrooge Have a merry Christmas!

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Then everything turned dark, and Scrooge appeared in a foggy and cold place. Eres mi socio, Marley. Scrooge I know that voice. Now I have to wander the earth, unable to find peace. Cratchit I know, darling. When he got home he climbed the steps to his bedroom, sat in a chair beside the fire and started to eat his supper.

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It's a time where people open their hearts to one another. Scrooge No les agrado. Narrator The Ghost took Scrooge into the bedroom.

I told you these were shadows of the things that have been. Ha llegado justo a tiempo para el pavo. And standing there at the door, the Ghost proceeded to bless their humble house.

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Scrooge's Nephew I am sorry uncle, that you already took a decision, but I insist in celebrating Christmas, so, Merry Christmas, uncle! Then they arrived to a tiny house.

Fuiste muy trabajador y un buen negociador. Scrooge standing in front of her. Go celebrate Christmas your own way, and let me celebrate my way.


Some links within this website may lead to other websites, including those operated and maintained by third parties. Scrooge Porque mis padres estaban trabajando, por eso siempre estaba solo.

Su nombre es Tiny Tim, y sus padres no tienen dinero para pagar un doctor, asi que tal vez muera.

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Scrooge Is this where he lives? When she stopped, Scrooge could see that she was a few years older. Scrooge never saw the Ghosts again, but he had many friends and was always close to his family.