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It quirks into silliness with its high dosage of comedy that makes it hard to take the show seriously on occasions. On other hand, character designs sometimes becomes distracting and hard to take seriously with their designs.

Don't give a shit as they do in SAO. What makes it more entertaining and attractive is the way characters engage in combat with their skills based off their classes. However, both animes features the protagonists assimilating the virtual world as their new world.

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Not only is it accurate to the basis of an MMORPG setting but the characters themselves drives the story with their adequate roles. Reply Nyaan For you to stop a quarrel is good.

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In animes they're always so serious and take on the role of their character. This same applies to Shiroe with his geeky like appearance that acts as the brainiac of the group. Still, the end game is that Log Horizon is an unique series.

Shiroe, Naotsugu, Akatsuki, Nyanta, Minori, Tohya, and Isuzu makes up this group of players and together stands as a unity to face their world.

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With a similar concept, the premise of Accel World is also set within a video game. Planning strategies and working towards every side goal are also common in both animes. These narratives often goes over background information and how exactly certain notions function.

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Both also feature high paced action sequence to spice up the story. The first season of the anime used first 5 volumes of the light novel series, these volumes were published well before the beginning of season 1.

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Log Horizon passion pit manners singles dating likes to focus on various degrees of politics and economics to explore its insight on a more intellectual level. Log Horizon presents this flawlessly because it both tell and shows its mechanics firsthand.

Log Horizon is an anime adapted series based off the light novel of the same name written by Mamare Log horizon online anime dating. Reply D-dog About 4 years ago.

Together with Asuna Yuuki, Kirito aims to break free from this virtual prison. The artwork of Log Horizon strikes as a make or break situation. Which of the characteristics of this concept appeal to you, the party system, the battle system, the skills system and which of these 7 animes did you enjoy most?

Satelite studios previously were involved with other fantasy series such as Guin Saga, Arata Kangatari, and Fairy Tail. This anime has more about the game and fight scenes and shows you how the world is. As such, both animes share very common themes and concepts. We May Soon Get a Sequel? They use swords in SAO oh it must be copying other animes that are older?

The first 21 episodes of the second season utilized the rest of 5 volumes and episodes showed the story from the web novel which has been not published yet.

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Whereas Log Horizon emphasizes on strategizing and tactical play, DanMachi emphasizes on being high levelled and powerful skills. Any Anime Like Log Horizon? Jul 8, to Dec 23, Virtual Reality Gaming has finally been made available to the general public.

This bunch of fighters signed up for the only job available to them — soldiers of the Reserve Army. On some technical note, it can take some time to get used to the artwork.

However that does not stop him from using his intellects once in awhile as he was shown to be quite perceptive as well- fitting for his overlord title.


In Log Horizon, the world status and its politics are discussed. Araragi Writing from a little island known as Singapore. Demonstrated by its cartoonish designs, most of the characters lacks any features of impressive design. This socially awkward boy turns out to a fierce warrior in this game world and tries to protect others.

Tet — the God of Games has invited them to participate in a world known as Disboard whereby all conflicts and actions are to be resolved by way of games. This goes on until one day; he discovers that his high scores have all been beaten by a player known as Kuroyukihime.

The OST also performs at a level that matches scenes whether it strikes as important, emotional, cinematic, or comical. Fantasy wise, the world of Elder Tale adapts itself well but hard to take it at heart. It adapts itself based on these themes where Log Horizon and should be endeared.

Hopeful adventurer Bell Cranel was one such adventurer to venture into the dungeons where he finds not gold nor treasures but a tiny God called Hestia. In an interview, Mamare mentioned that he has already figured out how the story will end and how may volumes he would take to conclude the epic series.

Log Horizon

Does the concept of being stuck in a video game appeal to you? Astonishingly, he did not log off automatically as the game shuts down and was instead trapped within the game itself!

Teeming with monsters, it takes an adventurer party 5 days to reach the 50th floor. One thing led to another and Hestia eventually tagged along with Bell.

Leave a comment below and we will see you next time. This lead to the immediate stop of the light novel series which lead to no Log Horizon Season 3. If you want to check out the old list, it will be listed below. But you're calling people shits?

Together with his companions, they take on this world that blurs between the lines of fiction and reality.


It is through my articles that I want to show that the world of anime reaches out beyond the boundaries of Japan. Akatsuki is also advertised as a young girl with a cute face but dangerous nature which is ironic since her age contrasts greatly with her appearance.

It focuses on an internal level of struggle and warfare that sets Log Horizon as a unique series.

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It also adapts world building concepts that becomes a focus to drive the story forward. SaO use NerveGear to play In retrospect, Log Horizon and SAO are quite similar to each other, both having gaming characteristics such as guilds, skills, party members and alliance.

As of now, no official announcement has been made and if the light novel series again start publishing, we may get to see Log Horizon Season 3 in Jul 7, to Sep 29, At the closing of the game servers of Yggdrasil, Momonga decides to wait until the final moment where the game shuts down as he recalls the numerous memories he has with his guild-members and the game.

Fans made many speculations about the plot as well as the release date but none of those grounded.