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Lidar maps free uk dating, geocoding using microsoft excel 2013 and google maps api

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Various data about coal in the former Soviet Union, including deposits, basins, ages etc. Over thirty years of solar radiation data from sites across the US, Guam and Puerto Rico, plus raster data at around 2km resolution. We are completely free and here to facilitate you on your journey to finding true love.

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Lle Geoportal for Wales: Our team has researched on the internet to find websites that provide access to download data. Wide range of datasets including education, health, water and logistics layers.

Laser surveys light up open data

Orthophotos over the whole of the French coast available for download. Includes soil units and parameters such as pH, depth, and texture and is at a resolution of 30 arc-seconds. A wide range of geology maps, for many different countries. Data from the Australian Government's OpenData programme, including soil, climate and census data.

Lidar Point Cloud Data Distribution and Processing

Global vector datasets showing areas of lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, swamps, bogs etc. Topographic, hydrographic, survey, titles and geodetic datasets are freely accessible with more LINZ datasets added over time.

Huge amounts of data, a fair proportion of which is georeferenced. Open Data from elections in Afghanistan including final results.

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Raster griddded datasets for census variables across the US for data from Maps of various types of frozen ground permafrost in the Arctic and various other areas. Register as a user to download the point cloud data, non-register users can only download KMZ extension file, good for google earth only.

For example, our surveys are helping to find Bronze Age burial mounds in Monmouthshire and Roman roads in Cheshire.

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The possibilities are endless and we hope that making LIDAR data open will be a catalyst for new ideas and innovation. This data is then served to the public.

Global Land Cover data combined from 'best available' national land cover maps. Ecological Land Cover Map: Global Reservoir and Dam Database: Data compiled from ships logs compiled during voyages between and The perfect life partner! Misc Police data archive: Japan Diamond Bay Data: Includes climate, permafrost, soils, transportation, land productivity and much more.

Like Tweet Donate This page contains a categorised list of links to over sites providing freely available geographic datasets - all ready for loading into a Geographic Information System. Some data appears to be of low quality, but others are good.

Many entries in the database are links to other sites and some require registration.

Human Geography

To download the data, go to their Data Access Viewer web map and select the area of interest using draw area tool.

Grassland extent data, along with grassland usage eg. Data which can be used to produce maps like those shown here showing major linkages in the internet, as well as density of people online. You may need a bit of Portuguese knowledge to use the site, and some maps are only available in PDF format.

Data Map - Idaho Lidar

Available in various raster formats. Search the area of interest or find the desire location by zooming in to the area. Gridded data showing hazard risk of seismic activity across the globe.

Cartographic boundaries, including city boundaries, counties, school districts, voting districts, zip code areas and congressional districts. Raster maps of environmental variables including soil pH, potential evapotranspiration, average snow depth and many more.

A wide range of geographic data on natural disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide, flood and 'multihazards' with hazard frequency, economic loss etc.

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Data from the Australian antarctic programme, including sea ice data, maps and aerial photography. All data from GeoGratis above is migrated to this platform. Guadalquivir River Basin District: Nationally standardised database of land cover and land cover change information for the coastal areas of the US.

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Huge amount of data on everything related to water in Portugal - basins, river networks, bathymetry and so on.

Similar to the above but in one file for the coterminous US, not including Hawaii and Alaska.