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To be used in anything from flower pots to structural concrete bridge elements in harsh Northern seas. Please follow our local actions within each of the 5 steps of the life cycle by visiting flirterz beachclub vroeger local site Production Simple ideas often last longer.

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Expanded clay is a well-proven, high quality, efficient and competitive construction material that can be used anywhere. It is sustainable and packed with properties that improve the economic, social and environmental performance of a building or infrastructure over its whole lifetime.

Moreover the simplicity of the natural inert clay aggregate means that it can return back to nature. Environmental and sustainable issues which were probably not the main focus 75 years ago, are certainly a concern today in the modern world.

To make this simple, we transform 1m3 of freshly escavated clay into 5m3 of lightweight construction material. Strict quality control is in place in all our production plants to deliver high quality products with minimal environmental impact.

LTV-814 Datasheet (HTML) - Shenzhen Tenand Technology Co., Ltd.

The industry is committed to continuously reduce the impact from the production and to develop the properties and applications of expanded clay to improve the sustainability contribution.

This is not just another nice story on sustainability, we are actually doing it. Whatever statement we are making within production, transport, building, living or reuse, we have prrofs. Resourcefulness from cradle to grave — and resourceful in between!

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And although the product has been developed further since then, it is basically still the same product: Expanded clay is produced with the maximum care for employees, environment, climate, neighbours and local communities.

Through this highly resourceful return of 1: This special and purposeful material is highly suitable for many building requirements due to its numerous and unique properties; an All-in-One aggregate, used Everywhere.

This helps to reduce the carbon footprint, reduces energy bills considerably and provides long lasting comfort to the home. Focus on a resourcefully efficient production process is always maintained with the attention on producing as little waste as possible in the process.

Also long life time and reduced maintenance are key arguments related to sustainability.