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Both Evolution models include all the standard and extra equipment from the Lancer. Power comes from a selection for four cylinder motors with displacements ranging from 1.

Fortis models are powered a 1. Its small presence makes it easy to park which is a bonus anywhere in the world. Banking on their extreme popularity throughout the years, these models stayed true to their fans with an optional rear spoiler, upgraded interior including a selection of sports seats, chrome door handles, unique instrument panel.

Buy yourself an Evolution model, and you can thank us later.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Standard Lancer not convincing enough for you? Evolution X took over from the previous Evo models.

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Manual transmission are highly desirable although there are auto versions. Evolution VII models were introduced in The brand also dipped their toes in motorsports mainly Rally.

Base models are equipped with fabric seats, radio tuner, power windows, manual seats, inch steel rims, keyless entry and driver side airbags.

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Fuel consumption, options and style. There are optional extras that include alloys and fog lights.

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A strong car with cheap mechanic cost and they sell very well in the export markets. The engine is not very strong, though. Interior options are essential with fabric seats, manual accessories and manual seats.

Three four-cylinder petrol engines are available to power the front wheels with either an automatic or manual gearbox. GCC countries also sold the previous model shapes up until Perfect cars for Dubai.

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Turbocharged engines are also available in these years. Ralliart models are better equipped with a rear spoiler, inch rims, body kit, enhanced brakes, leather wrapped steering wheel, unique interior trim and upgraded brakes. The extras list drastically increases to include larger rims on each corner, ABS, Brake Assist, cruise control, paddle shifters, keyless start premium sound system, dual front airbags, sunroof and media inputs.

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Evo models are powered by a 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder motor mated to semi-automated six-speed SST twin-clutch transmission. Price, options and fuel economy. For years, these vehicles have proved popular not only for the average working person but rental companies too.

Station wagon versions are available in select countries.

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With a sportier interior, these cars have an array of features on offer including BBS rims, internal storage device, navigation, Ralliart Body kit and all the features from the top trim Lancer.

Power is drawn from a 1. Powering these models is a selection of four cylinder motors again mated to either a manual gearbox or an automatic one. A wide variety of options are available to include a cassette player, CD player, media inputs, dual airbags, tachometer, rear armrest, fabric upholstery, power accessories, rear spoiler, steel rims, keyless entry and ABS.

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Base features are basic once again with the likes of fabric seats and manual accessories. Prices start at AED 17, Later models have significantly improved over the years regarding options, engine power and comfortable.

These models are pretty rare in the Gulf regions. Unfortunately, inthese models were taken out of production and their fate is unknown. These models have a flatter front end that gives the cars a touch of character.

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About the Mitsubishi Lancer Mitsubishi were desperate to get into the subcompact sedan market. Inthe Evolution IX took over. These models are quite rare here. Weighing in at 27 kilos lighter than previous models this model maintained many of the VIII upgrades.

Finding an Evolution in Dubai is very hard!

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