Columbine High School cafeteria surveillance tape Columbine High School cafeteria surveillance tape

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After Brown's parents viewed the site, they did indeed contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Personal Data Collected

The pair also experimented with making bombs and practiced shooting their weapons in a wooded area close to their homes. Several schools throughout the country resorted to requiring students to wear computer-generated IDs.

Using instructions obtained via the Internet, they also constructed a total of 99 improvised explosive devices of various designs and sizes. Daniel Steepleton, age InEric Harris created a private website on America Onlineinitially to host gaming levels he created for use in the video game Doom.

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Cullen said that Harris was more often the perpetrator than victim of bullying. Zero-tolerance policies and metal detectors "are unlikely to be helpful," the Secret Service researchers found.

Killing Spree - Columbine Massacre

The killers had ceased shooting just minutes earlier. Klebold had a history of drinking and had failed a dilute urine test, but neither he nor Harris attended any substance abuse classes.

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After leaving the main office, Harris and Klebold walked toward a bathroom, where they taunted students hidden inside, making such comments as: Harris threw a Molotov cocktail toward the la massacre de columbine documental online dating end of the library, but it failed to explode.

Isaiah Shoels, age Shot in the shoulder, hand and neck.

Killing Spree - Columbine Massacre Watch Online - Documentary Addict

Noticing police evacuating students outside the school, Harris said: He then turned toward the table to his left and fired, injuring year-olds Ecb meeting live hookup Kreutz and Valeen Schnurr with the same shotgun blast.

Harris walked from the bookcase he had shot from, past the central area to meet Klebold.

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After the website was made public, AOL permanently deleted it from its servers. At that moment, a witness heard Eric Harris yell, "Go!

Harris shot down the steps at several students sitting near the cafeteria's entrance, severely wounding and partially paralyzing year-old Anne-Marie Hochhalter [54] as she tried to flee. Mark Kintgen, age Klebold came out of the cafeteria and went back up the stairs to join Harris.

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He came up to Kirklin, who was already wounded and lying on the ground, weakly calling for help. The library located above the cafeteria was completely demolished as this was where the majority of the murders took place. Nielson dialed and hid under the library's administrative counter.

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Most attackers had access to and had used weapons prior to the attack. Ireland was shot a second time by Dylan; hitting him twice in the head and once in the foot. By this time they had removed their trench coats which had been used to conceal their weapons and they are carrying their guns in their hands, looking for potential targets.

It is estimated that he fired the handgun around 55 times and shot about 12 rounds from the shotgun. All three youths were shot and wounded.

Columbine Massacre

Their loss was termed "troubling" by a grand jury convened after the file's existence was reported in April Then, as police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, and reporters came to the school, bombs set in the boys' cars would detonate, killing these emergency and other personnel.

After firing through the windows at evacuating students and the police, Klebold fired his shotgun at a nearby table, injuring three students: She had tried to move but became light-headed.

Eighteen-year-old Lisa Kreutz, shot in the shoulder, arms, hand, and thigh, remained in the library. It was the last thing she ever did.

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They placed a sign in the window: Most attackers engaged in some behavior prior to the incident that caused others concern or indicated a need for help.

Daniel Rohrbough and Sean Graves had descended the staircase when Klebold and Harris' attention was diverted by the students on the grass; Graves—paralyzed beneath the waist [53] —had crawled into the doorway of the cafeteria's west entrance and collapsed.

The massacre Prior to the massacre On Tuesday morning, April 20,Harris and Klebold placed a small fire bomb in a field about 3 miles 4. As they ran, they encountered Harris and Klebold, who were approaching from the corner of the North Hallway. In Septembera Jefferson County investigator failed to find the documents during a secret search of the county's computer system.

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Harris's journals, in particular, show methodical preparation over a long period of time, including several experimental bomb detonations. Around the same time, he derided him in his journal, stating that he believed himself to have the right to steal something if he wanted to.

Legal Ownership

When the shooters demanded to see his face, Todd partly lifted his hat so his face would remain obscured. Jennifer Doyle, age Klebold walked through the main area, past the first set of bookcases, the central desk area and a second set of bookcases into the east area.

He took a sip from one of the drinks left behind as Klebold approached the propane bomb and examined it. Killed by multiple gunshot wounds to the head, chest and lower body.

Killed by a shotgun wound to the head.