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After receiving the good news, Lety returns to Conceptos, where she falls in love at first sight with Fernando. She continues to love him, but she feels so betrayed by him that she ignores her feelings towards him.

Ugly is the New Beautiful: Mexico's "La Fea más bella"

Letty prepares for her wedding with Aldo, and things seem to finally be winding to a close with Conceptos, financially she puts Marcia in charge of the company because Marcia deserves the title for her hard work. He tries to seduce her, but Aurora treats him with coolness.

He sells his home and his belongings and moves back in with his parents. While she's hiding her secret identity, la fea mas bella 271 latino dating also contends with choosing between Aldo and Fernando.

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But despite whatever ugliness everyone else sees, her loving father beams as he glances down at his precious bundle of joy. After Lety reads the diary she confesses she is in love with Fernando and Aldo leaves.

Luigi has fallen in love with Aldo and he thinks that his feelings are reciprocated, but he soon learns that Aldo is actually in love with Lety. However, in order to keep her crush on Fernando a secret from her friends, materiali edilizia online dating claims that Tomas is her secret crush.

Just as Lety is about to kajal agarwal dating everything, Aldo sells his house and restaurant in Acapulco to pay the debt, but then upon his return to Mexico City he immediately discovers Lety and Fernando kissing.

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In Acapulco, Aldo saves an orphan boy from drowning and he befriends the kid, who calls his witty female online dating profiles hero an angel.

One day, while letting off a little steam by defacing a photograph of Aurora in the newspaper, Fernando draws bushy eyebrows, eyeglasses, braces, and a little mustache on her. Lety follows her boss's orders without hesitation. However, Lety feels that she doesn't belong in the world of beauties, so after she tells Carolina that she wishes to leave, she visits the beach for the last time.

Fernando tells Omar that in his absence Omar should keep Lety away from Aldo and make sure she doesn't forget about him. She falls in love with the President who's already engaged with Marcia Villarroel and becomes his lover.

Fernando manages to escape again to interrupt the wedding in the middle of the kiss, so Lety has to choose between Fernando and Aldo He usually supports Fernando's worst ideas, believing them good, and the advice he provides Fernando often turns out to be even worse.

During Seoane's performance, Carla la fea mas bella 271 latino dating some slightly disparaging remarks about the singer's style to Fernando, then Omar mentions to Fernando that Mariana and Carla look exactly the same.

He has always despised Lety, but this pushes him over the edge. He also asks the Villarroels to sell whatever they can, but Ariel refuses and he convinces Ana Leticia to do the same.

They take off Lety's new dental hardware and make her look like a femme fatale from a 's film noir and she is a big hit at the party many viewers thought that she actually looked like a drag queen impersonating Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Feeling the growing pressure from his father and the Conceptos staff, Fernando contacts Erasmo, but tries to tell him the fewest details possible.

Lety, over time, begins to realize her long-term influence over others, which contributes to everyone liking her in the end. Due to cultural differences, some story elements had to be altered in order not to offend the sensibilities of Chinese audiences.

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Ultimately, he decides to hire them both in order to test who is better qualified for the job. The happy couple go to Lety's house to announce their engagement where Fernando explains how he got off the plane. He is somewhat of a show-off and fancies himself as the general manager of "Filmo Imagen", the enterprise he and Lety created for Conceptos.

She goes with Luigi to the hospital, where they learn that his mother's condition is improving, and he comes to the realization that Lety really is a true friend. He tries to transform himself from an ugly duckling to a charming but not fully beautiful person.

Wedding bells ring again when Paula Maria and Simon finally resolve all of their differences and get married.

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In order to keep up with the false company, Lety hires her best friend, Tomas Mora. She is very good at anything esoteric, such as reading crystal balls or tarot cards. Lety does as he asks, and this secret stays between her, Fernando, and the vice president, Omar Carvajal.

Fernando, who now knows without a doubt that he is totally in love with Lety, can't even bring himself to kiss Marcia without sneaking a peek at a photo of Lety while doing so. Luigi develops a fondness for Lety and the two become friends, after a long period of verbal abuse and contentiousness, on Luigi's part.

Mandiola, Mongolia, Mendolina, etc. A number of episodes garnered an audience of almost five million viewers in the United States during its run. Marcia then confronts Fernando regarding his infidelity and the schemes that he and Omar had gotten involved in.

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Then Reinard decides that he wants the female lead to be replaced by Aurora. He is a taxi driver and, when Martha needs it, the kids' baby sitter.

At the same time, Fernando is trying to hire a secretary before he assumes his new position of authority at the company. Letty's indecisiveness comes to an end as she realizes that though she loves both, she chooses Aldo.

Fernando is heartbroken by Lety's rejection.

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Lety soon marries Fernando instead of Aldo. Even when Lety does not want to tell her all that goes on in her life, her maternal instinct tells her what to do.

But, unlike his buddy Omar, Fernando has not fallen under Aurora's spell. He almost sues Lety, but is confronted by her dad, and they end up forming a compromise.

She later gets a makeover at the end of the show, after which everyone finally accepts her for who she was and what she then will be. By this point, Lety is completely infatuated with Fernando and decides to look the other way regarding her boss's unethical business practices.

He glances at his mini masterpiece and comes to the shocking realization that Aurora is really Lety in disguise, but then he quickly goes into denial and tells himself that it's not possible. Fernando tells Lety that he is going on a trip and that when he returns he will show her how much he loves her.

As problems with the company begin again, she undergoes a dramatic appearance change, visits the wedding of a long-time enemy and a long-time friend, acts on many programs dressed as a diva. Fernando, knowing this, asks that she help him create a false company to put Conceptos in debt as opposed to the banks.

He confronts Aldo, but when he discovers that Aldo doesn't care for Alicia he and Aldo become friends. The finale was one of the most-watched Spanish programs in US history, drawing an average audience of 7. Fernando finally repays Aldo the debt he owed him and he regains the presidency of Conceptos, but he then decides to give the job to Marcia and announces he will be leaving.

Paty Navidad's character, Alicia Ferreira, often mentioned being the ex-wife of Mauricio Birman, an art dealer, and she frequently claimed to have had six semesters of classes in finances at a prestigious university.

Everyone learns that Lety was living a double life as Aurora when the truth is printed in the newspaper the day after Lety had her drunken mishap at the restaurant. While trying to seek refuge with Marcia, who isn't home at the time, she ends up encountering Sara, who brings her to stay with her, Lola, and Paula Maria.

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He soon reveals that his ugliness is just a disguise. Aldo then comes to work at Conceptos and Fernando becomes jealous of what he perceives to be Lety's love for him.

She is completely loyal to him and would do whatever he needed her to do. Marcia tells Alicia that she's just jealous. It turns out that the picture he was using online actually belonged to someone else.

When the banks threaten to seize Conceptos, Fernando devises a plan: