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The central point of which is that there really is nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. One day, the police inspector Santos Trinidad coming home very drunk, is involved in a triple murder.

For them, life goes on.

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Super Reviewer Don't worry about keeping all the characters straight in your head as you watch this movie Lucky Star Marina, a woman with a glass eye, has the bad luck to be the victim of an assault witnessed by Rafael, a goodhearted butcher, who rescues her from her attacker, a man named Daniel.

Rafael looks forward to raising the child as his own if Marina will But as intriguing a character as Modesto is with an excellent performance from Antonio Resines to matchhe is also the epicenter of the movie's flaws as it is too hard to believe that such important information just falls into his lap with him also being in a position to successfully decipher it.

Well done with some very good acting, but not much of a storyline.

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What could have solved this problem and made this otherwise compelling movie thrive would have been to start with at least one degree of separation between Modesto and the documents. The town police chief plans his retirement, while his deputy dreams of escaping th Wolf Based on a true story.

The Night of the Sunflowers The body a teenage girl is discovered in a field of sunflowers. In the 70's, during the last stages of Franco's dictatorship, Txema, a basque construction worker, is arrested because of his connection to some terrorists who have just committed a murder.

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I found this movie just long, tedious, and I was happy when it was over so that I could send it back. No Rest for the Wicked Madrid, the beginning of the century.

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Rafael has physical problems of his own, but the two stay together as a couple. But there is a witness who managed to escape and that could incriminate him. The secret service see in him an ideal candidate to infiltrate the terrorist band ETA and become a mole, so they try to offer him a deal if he will do so.

At least, until bank robbers take her hostage, forcing Modesto to open deposit boxes for them, one of which he loses his lunch into.

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A baby not Rafael's, for he lost his testicles in an accident is born. That one also happens to have some very important information for him which he looks into while his wife recovers in the hospital.

Santos undertakes an investigation to locate and eliminate the witness.

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That box belongs to Rafael Jose Coronado and Monica Goya Toledo who are in the midst of some very delicate negotiations with the Mafia.