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By the large water fountain, on one of the beautiful summer days, he got on one knee and proposed. Taehyung got extremly mad, and Jungkook simply stated.


J-Hope mkay then Husband: Yet, with Tae having such a tight schedule at work I went on our honeymoon with a good friend, Jungkook.

Of course I would have my first love asked me out. He supported me through any and every life crisis I went through. I excused myself from Taehyung and went to find Jungkook. This was the location of our many dates, kisses, and we made memories here as children.

One day, he asked me out and I said Yes. Jimin was a friend of Tae's who had a very big crush on me. Tae was my husband and I was his wife. In high school he asked me out, and I said yes.

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A while after that Topografia definicion yahoo dating took kpop dating game long beach to the park that we loved so dearly.

He was sitting there a local park but not just any park, our hangout place. Best friends in fact, and I slowly let myself completly fall in love with him.

His name was Taehyung. Jimin was very kind to me, and introduced me to Kim Taehyung.

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We went on dates and such and I found myself falling for him. He took my first date, and my first kiss. Years went by and I finally reached the point in my life where I was willing to settle down.

But two years later, Kim Taehyung proposed to me. He took me on my first official date and he was my boyfriend for my whole high school life. This time I didn't regret it. I had to decline him. In high school, I met Jimin.


Though on a date in the cafe, Jungkook showed up, out of no where to. Tae had stayed with me for so long that a little after college we started to stay in a crappy studio apartment together and He just made everything better, so we got married.

I had a picture perfect life, except one thing.

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This was the last thing I expected for my future but I would have it no other way. Jungkook was one of my closest friends and we started dating when we started middle school.

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Jin well helooo neighbour! Suga dang son, make up your mind already! J-Hope I fancy him just as a friend Rival: Jin is my older brother, we are fairly close, and JIn suggested we lived together. And thats how it went, my mind slowly forgot about my feelings for Taehyung, and fully established my love for Jungkook.

No explenation as to why, he was there and then he was not.

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Luckily, Jungkook didn't remeber this at all. Starting with one boy named Jungkook. During college, our relationship fell apart due to the fact that long distance didn't work for us. I ended up giving in to my feelings for him, and he liked me back. I grew up as an only child but I had a neighbour who was like a brother to me, his name was Jin.

Sadly since I was younger than him by a couple of years he never really looked at me the way I always yearned for him too.

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We were very close friends as kids. J-Hope not really, but I'll go along with it First date: After a very large explanation as to why I didn't want to live with my brother, we decided on being neighbours. He walked over to our booth and sat down next to me, sliding an arm over my shoulder. I also had a best friend.

I took it very badly, to the point where I went and got totally wasted with Jungkook who had also gone through a horrible break up.

BTS Dating Game (Long ver.)

We had a blast but in my heart, I was disappointed that Tae couldn't be there with me. Suga like, for real? I don't even know if you call it dating, all we did was text each other funny videos or answers to the homework but he did give me my first kiss.

Jungkook asked me out again after some months, and I said yes.

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Taehyung had been my best friend since childhood. You keep apearing and dissapearing from my life like it's a hotel or something Honeymoon: We had our honeymoon in Paris.

Taehyung never spoke to me again. It was the most fun I have had in a while, and made me very happy. Unsurprisingly we had to call it quits and sadly Jungkook still dislikes me as we are now known as the enemies in our school.

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I would sneak over to Jin's house every day just to get Namjoon to help me study for anything in school. Then when I met Park Jimin, and got close to him, Jimin becoming my best firend. I could feel my heart beating faster, and heat rising in my cheeks.

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He was honestly the best. Jungkook just out and dumped me. That was with no one other than Tae.