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In each K-Love Confession, I will focus on one of my K-loves — I have several big ones, and quite a few medium-sized ones — and there will be extended fangirling and spazzing. I loved a lot of things about Coffee Prince — and watched it 5 times to prove it!

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Every time he looked at her that way, or had that expression on his face simply from thinking about her, my heart would melt a little more, and I got the warm fuzzies.

She went on to act in three more movies, all to great acclaim, before she secured her first starring role in the film S Diary in Inshe began work on her newest hit series, I Do, I Do. Such a glorious feast for the eyes. You can check out that track on my review of Big here.

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Once that was over, I was out of Gong Yoo goodies. However, her acting talent remained largely undiscovered.

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Fast forward towhen Big happened. I re-watched One Fine Day, and this time, I spent the whole time just ogling him: And then, when the shirt came off, he was jaw-droppingly delicious.

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Not only was he hot, he did fabulously in the acting department, and always came across as very natural and likable. She went on to act in five movies and three television shows between and I thought he had really good muscle definition and an excellent V-line.

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One dashing, fully-clothed Gong Yoo for you: Sweet, funny, playful Gong Yoo. I saved you this most delectable one: From that point on, she was considered to be a star.

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Kim Sun Ah started acting inappearing in commercials, and even a music video. During the re-watch, I discovered that his acting was better than I remembered.

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The one thing it had going for it was lots and lots of Gong Yoo ogling time. So not the case with Gong Yoo. She played in two films, Yesterday and Wet Dreams. I loved this tidbit on a scene where Lee Min Jung had a lot of NGs trying to put a watch on his wrist.

After the re-watch, though, my Gong Yoo love got derailed by a brand new fangirl crush on Jang Hyuk brought on by Chuno.

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She also had small roles on nine different television series between and And then I found these which were related to the first set: To get a feel for how hot he is in this movie, check out this Gong Yoo cut of S Diary.

So where shall we begin?

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You can find more GY goodies here! May cause spontaneous combustion, ovary explosion or related affliction.

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I found Gong Yoo Seriously. Recently In City Hall Romantic Comedy A hit drama about a lowly government employee who rises to city mayor starring Kim Sun Ah, star of the smash My Lovely Sam Soon I Do, I Do Romantic Comedy A successful shoe designer's life turns upside down when she is suddenly pregnant after a one-night stand with the man who's been ripping off her designs!

The following year, she continued her film work even as she landed a role in popular television series My Lovely Sam Soon. InKim Sun Ah got her first big break—twice! I was wowed by his heartfelt delivery, and amazed at his dedication. And when he was the teenager acting as a cool grown-up all dressed up in a suit, he was dashing and all kinds of hot.

So of course, he had to be my first featured K-love. His shirtless scenes took my breath away. Ok, lest you take issue with the relative lack of photos of him clothed, let me say that I do appreciate him clothed too, thank you very much.

To be honest, this shirtless scene did nothing for me, though I did think it was played out nicely and very funny. I wanted a Choi Han Gyul of my very own, who would look the same way just from thinking about me.

He was even hotter than I remembered. Super hot photos ahead. The series became hugely successful with viewers, ensuring that her acting abilities would be well noticed. He was so natural on camera.