Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will by Kevin DeYoung Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will by Kevin DeYoung

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They are critically important. This is one of the worst pieces of advice I've ever heard.

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Maybe women have impossible standards. There are going to be people who struggle with that temptation and have questions. The way forward, according to DeYoung, is through a compelling example: There is one who made me and can save me.

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Every pastor has railed on video games at some point. Stop looking for play dates and—unless God is calling you to greater service through singleness—start looking for a wife. But in my experience this is not the main problem.

A guy who can winsomely take initiative and lead a conversation. Kevin DeYoung addresses the pitfalls of 'all listening and no doing.

Kevin DeYoung: Glory in the Ordinary

He sees a lot of problems as due to delayed marriage. Are you a Christian? That was there, but not in the way I expected.

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Compassion was in the list, but it almost seemed an afterthought. I do not believe that is the answer, nor is it God's desire for us to just act.

Virtually every single single person I know wants to be married. I was looking forward to this book, expecting a bit of an incarnational perspective on finding God's will.

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As long as it is not morally reprehensible. I could go on on this topic for hours from my psychology profession The DeYoungs have six children: Okay, that's true that we should use our minds, but that's also what the Holy Spirit is for.

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They are eindtermen lager onderwijs online dating to embrace the roles of wife and mother.

That may contribute to some social problems, but there may be other, better solutions than just getting married earlier. On top of all the outside opportunities before him, DeYoung is a doctoral student, studying early modern history at the University of Leicester in England studying John Witherspoon, specifically.

Some decent thoughts here, but I just couldn't seem to get passed the author's Reformed paradigms. But his solution is too extreme of just doing something.

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Frankly, he was the best part of the book. They just want a guy with some substance. When Michigan passed a marriage amendment in declaring that the state would only recognize unions between one man and one woman — an amendment since nullified by the Supreme Court — Ingham County, in which East Lansing resides, was one of only two counties not to support the amendment.

What most excites DeYoung as he ponders the future, though, are the opportunities within his home. All people everywhere, pray for ways to start serving the Lord now, no matter what stage of life you are in or wish you were in.

He had good tone and intonation and made the book relatively interesting. Such proximity to a major university brings energy and culture to the city, but it brings challenges, too. So you have to speak on it.

I need to say no to a whole bunch of other things because if I don't say no I can't say yes to others.

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Now, seven or eight years later, DeYoung has more than a dozen books to his name, with Just Do Something as his best-selling book to date. Not that these aren't important, but marriage and kids don't have to happen immediately.

Behind and beneath the public ministry, though, lies a life that is both local and, frankly, ordinary. One who is wise is cautious and turns away from evil, but a fool is reckless and careless.

The church needs to train up the guys it has.

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But you've ignored gentleness, humility, joy, and sexual purity. And they pushed me over the edge of the horizon. We often think too highly of ourselves. While moral purity and theological fidelity are nice, Jesus did say the greatest commandment is to love God and love others.


I do not make my own rules or create my own identity. I really want to be a pastor and I want to know the people. He began his studies in political science and got involved in campaigns, but that interest waned.

AIDS over here, people to be saved over here, a crushing sense of low-level guilt every day of our lives. That thinking became more serious in sixth grade, when the pastor of his church left to take a new call, moving from Michigan to Iowa.

Or maybe they think I can help.


A guy with a little desire to succeed in life. It seems to be especially difficult for dating couples to handle themselves in such a way as to not be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of their minds.

You are not as awesome as you think, and while your graduation speaker probably told you that you were exceptional, you are certainly no exception to the rule of the scriptures.

DeYoung's answer to God's will is don't worry about it; just do something.

Kevin DeYoung: Should I Attend My Homosexual Friend’s Wedding?

But there is something even more befuddling going on. My grandpa would disagree with his. Otherwise, don't waste your time on this book. This path of prolonged singleness is a two way street. John Yap Puritan Board Freshman " As I speak at different venues across the country, one of the recurring questions I get comes from women, young women in particular.

Then there's the real juicy stuff.