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While there were humorous moments, it was still a lot about the heart and how we treat one another and how we either appreciate a good partner or not appreciate them. Our couples are all at different stages of relationships. Samson only wishes to provide them for the American defense effort, but O'Hara insists on providing him with a police guard.

Does Tyler Perry himself live up to all the hype? On TBS, Friday nights at 10pm. We go dark, emotional places with this show.

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Helen finds Rita's purse and inside, the address of Rita's hotel. He married those elements really well. Ruthless criminals, however, abduct Samson to gain his secret.

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He truly is a force of nature. After obtaining the secret formula, Max decides to kill Sampson and Lawrence.

When Lawrence asks Helen to meet him at a nightclub, he knows follow Helen and Goldie will be followed. I think he has carried that over into the series as well.


Do you have any other projects coming up? Plot[ edit ] Scientist Waldo Samson Alec Craig has discovered how to manufacture cheap synthetic diamonds that are nearly identical to actual diamonds, as he demonstrates to diamond industry representatives and New York Police Inspector Mike O'Hara James Gleason.

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Although some of it is really quite funny. I definitely think people in their early 20s, starting out in their relationships and maybe getting a little serious, or those couples just married, or [those who have been together] a number of years and have gotten comfortable and maybe are becoming a little complacent with one another.

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The police arrive shortly after and attempt to arrest Lawrence, who asks O'Hara for a hour reprieve to find the real murderer. When the police arrive at the warehouse, they find Lawrence. Rita knocks out Lawrence, and turns on her partner, killing him, but does not locate Sampson's formula.

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And they actually have a child together. She was just outstanding then. Who do you think the primary target audience for the show is?

The numbers came back [when we premiered] through the roof.

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I really appreciate the challenge of that. People will be really struck by the subtlety of the show. Rita and the remainder of the gang is brought in, and when Goldie produces the secret formula which he had taken from Max, Lawrence explains that it was Herman, Waldo's twin who was killed in the hotel and that Rita killed Max for the formula.

Rits pulls a gun on Lawrence, and forces him to accompany her. Who will it appeal to? At gunpoint, Rita abducts Lawrence once again and takes him to her accomplice in a warehouse where Max Carlson Victor Kilian is holding the real Waldo Sampson captive.

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Lawrence escapes but learns from his sidekick, Jonathon "Goldie" Locke Allen Jenkins that Helen has gone to Rita's hotel, looking for him. Lawrence meets exotic jewel thief Rita Mara Mona Maris and suspects she is involved in Sampson's disappearance.

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Those types of people will really gravitate to this show. Learning that Sampson is also registered there, Lawrence breaks into his room and finds the scientist, dead. Everyone was really excited…If this show can provide some kind of example…we are doing something above and beyond entertain.