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Then I got up and did the first ken baumann dating history scenes entirely from memory. That was the one.

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Who gave you the note? I just go back to being a goofball and hanging out. I would say yes, whether I like it or not. What was the first play you did outside of school?

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Have you ever found that playing a character ends up seeping into your offstage life? I started doing community theater when I was about 10, and I felt like I had an infinite capacity for that kind of work.

The Actor’s Memory: An Interview with Ken Baumann

I find that I do the most emotional recall — drawing from past fendi in flirt prijava poreza or my current one — for the romantic scenes in the show. So really only the emotional benefits apply.

You mentioned having a photographic memory. How do you get the scripts, by email or something? The short film was the first role in which I really had to search for the correct emotion for the situations and then synthesize them, as you said.

Once the anxiety of failure starts infecting them, they become more and more and more concerned with knowing the words, and stop being able to trust their own process. I can be incredibly monogamous in my attention.

Ben and I are similar in that way. Do you ever try to use elements of your visual environment as mnemonic triggers? One aspect of acting that psychologists have studied in depth is how much being able to recall lines is dependent on context — being in a certain physical setting associated with the script, for example.

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I open it up and read it. Were you comfortable with being evaluated that way at such a young age? And as he makes clear on his websiteBaumann is more than just a cute young actor who gets to make out with hot young actresses on ABC while addressing socially relevant themes like abortion and teen bullying.

How much is the character of Ben Boykewich based on you?

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He just loads up his car and drops the scripts off unless you pick them up on set. Mooney, a novel by Christopher Higgs. So I guess it was effective.

And sure enough… Silberman [imitating a schmoozing yenta]: Exactly, pretty much verbatim.

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It certainly can, especially the intimate stuff. There are a lot of similarities.

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Is it unusual for someone to be passing you notes on set? I could really do things with you! I felt like that process cemented the words in my mind even more: What was the next step in your career?

The words became second nature.

The Actor's Memory: An Interview with Ken Baumann | NeuroTribes

Finally, during a dress rehearsal before an audience, everything came together. John of Gaunt, Richard Plantagenet, the Duke of York, Dick the Butcher, Prince Hal, and Falstaff all knew what to say and how to move, re-weaving an Elizabethan universe together in a symphony of pentameter.

Go into problem-solving mode, rather than grieving mode.

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He read a poem by Robert Frost from memory in class. But I know that this one scene, when it aired, got the most feedback from my friends and family about it.

Ken Baumann

I was very unconcerned with kids my age — I liked talking to adults about movies, art, and theater. I also remember distinctly that I got a really helpful note that day from someone on set, and it changed my physicality slightly.

The audacious project was a Herculean task for 30 actors, each of whom were cast in multiple roles, requiring them to memorize thousands of lines and cues.

Then, however, the actors staged the scenes for each other with no props, sets, or costumes.

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Then, depending on where that line comes, you take the paragraph back to the top. Generally, I enjoy getting directorial notes or feedback from writers. So I did all the school plays I could. And off we went. They quizzed actors about their memorization strategies and then tried to teach those strategies to non-actors.


When a lot of actors go through a script for the first time, they assign the characters to be represented in their mind by friends and family, so they can draw the emotion from the scene that way. How did you become an actor?

They studied text comprehension, the role of physical movement, and various techniques to enhance retention. After getting to know kenbaumann on Twitter, I spoke with him following a recent visit to our home in San Francisco.

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And some sets are incredibly hands on. You just feel more comfortable in your own skin, and more comfortable with the friends you get to perform with. I was totally sleep-deprived because he rigged up this machine to shock me awake every time it sensed moisture.