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I'd really prefer to stay in the office with you. But that guy said he was working that night, and even has a witness. How hard it was for you to go against your own policy I don't want her to have any unpleasant memories.

Dead Ringers

No, it's the worst. If you can do just that, you'll already be a step above other pros. When you need a bodyguard, he should appear quickly, right? Now that you mention it What kind of people do you want to become good friends with?

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When Kuwano answers the door, he suffers a terrible stomach pain and collapses to the floor. Plot[ edit ] Shinsuke Kuwano Abe Hiroshia successful architect at 40, enjoys living by himself.

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That's all for my report, then. If I'm so useless to you, then feel free to go ahead and fire me! This intrigues Kuwano, who constantly checks his website to see if Kaneda actually builds anything.

Why is better?

I don't know the details. At that moment, some guy from inside came and returned it to me.

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My ex has been really annoying lately. It doesn't seem out of the question now Lucky, getting with a young girl.

Now, you may just help people to forget your own loneliness, but What's with those eyes?

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Just a figure of speech. I can't believe it I wonder what you're talking about What he thinks and what he says are often polar opposites, aren't they?

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Lately he's been sending all kinds of weird text messages to me. Despite the fact that you became such good friends with Ken-chan, why don't you want to become good friends with people too?

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I have some things to ask you, so would you mind if I stopped by? As an architect, it's your responsibility to cater to your clients!

But, I can't have you waiting around at the hospital for me Hello, this is Murakami from Kuwano Architecture.

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Let's show them what we've got. What are you gonna have? Actually, I think I can get in somehow