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You can buy carved wooden objects, ceramics, embroidered things with popular motifs, and copper objects. Antigonea A city founded in the 3rd century B. There are still traces of the Aphrodite Temple, Theatre and the Stadium.

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The latter explanation may, however, simply be a folk etymology or constitute the reason why Albanians identify themselves with the eagle. Since the breakdown, there has been a substantial degree of taking the law into one's own hands. During this time, Albanian medieval towns underwent urban transformations by Austro-Hungarian architects, giving them the appearance of European cities.

Bylis became a Roman colony.

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Rental companies are available mainly at the Tirana Airport and in Tirana proper. The lack of zoning regulations led in the s to chaos in construction and the use of space, kalivo albanien dating the little that survived the communist regime.

The latest bus schedules are available hereverified by locals and including detailed information about the bus stops, their GPS coordinates, prices etc. One can estimate today that approximately 70 percent of Albanians in the republic are of Muslim, including Bektashi, background; about 20 percent, mostly in the south, are Orthodox; and about 10 percent, mostly in the north, are Catholic.

It can be assumed that the Albanians began expanding from their mountain homeland in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, initially taking possession of the northern and central coastline and by the thirteenth century spreading southward toward what are now southern Albania and western Macedonia.

Nearby is found Cesar's Pass, the place where Julius Cesar is said to have passed in his pursuit of Pompey.

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Train timetables are available here: During the 3rd-2nd century B. Its interior walls are covered with paintings by the renowned painter David Selenicaand by brothers Constantine and Athanasios Zografi.

This road can get you to many calm beaches in Greece and the city of Igoumenitsa. Highways have frequent changes in speed limit, sometimes with little apparent reason, and there are frequent police mobile speed checks.

Albanian trains are still in relatively poor condition. In as much as it has survived at all, Albanian cuisine is meat-oriented.

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Today many, if not all, Albanians accept the Euro. Many Albanians will also have a decent command of Serbian. Beautiful and quiet beach at Ksamili Dajti Mountain, a popular sight in Tirana allows you to get a whole green view of the capital.

By taxi[ edit ] Albania is a small country and as such it is possible to leave the country by taxi.

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Although dialect and cultural differences between the Ghegs and Tosks can be substantial, both sides identify strongly with the common national and ethnic culture.

In addition there are about two million Albanians in Kosovo, about five-hundred thousand in the Republic of Macedonia, and about one-hundred thousand in Montenegro. Albania is bordered to the north by the Yugoslav republic of Montenegro, which has an approximate 10 percent Albanian minority living in regions along the Albanian-Montenegrin border.

Exacerbated nationalism and age-old rivalry for territory and supremacy have always created ethnic tension. Those remaining are displayed in the museum, which is housed in a 13th century monastery.

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Most Kosovo Albanians speak and understand Serbo-Croatian. Land Tenure and Property. Ask any police officer to point you in the right direction from Shkoder; they are helpful, courteous and friendly.

Be aware that Tirana in particular suffers from great traffic congestion during mornings and midday. Furgon stations aren't always in obvious locations, so you can ask around to find them, or keep an eye out for groups of white or red minivans gathered together.

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An estimated three-hundred thousand emigrants from Albania now live in Greece, and about two-hundred thousand reside in Italy. English is widely understood in Tirana and to a lesser extent in cities frequented by tourists. There is little evidence to prove or disprove this theory, since little is known about the Illyrian language.

But the first records we have of their presence there is in He took over the central Albanian fortress of Kruja and was proclaimed commander in chief of an independent Albanian army.

Premarital and extramarital sex was more prevalent in the northern highlands, the part of the country with the most rigid moral code.