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I think you were the second actress I met. Things you wish you had said, like that line about the little fairies. Why does she do this?

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What sort of research or character backstory writing do you do for what happens between the films? It was like Oh! They might not be alive.

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I took it for granted at the time in a way. We have some mythic audience in our mind that would appreciate the unvarnished honesty of the darker moments of a relationship. But in my real life, I never said that because I never felt the right time to say it, but in a movie, you can look for things, make up things you would like to say, and also be inspired by other people.

You see the screenwriter working. I had the first front row seat.

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I was looking for the two smartest, most creative young people I could find. It comes from everywhere. How do bring your own personal experiences to the film? No, of course not. Why was it important to you to tell this part of the story?

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Do you think you would have made the second and third movie with the other actors? You just witness the world. We sat down with the team to talk about their collaboration. I was just looking for the two most interesting people, and it was easily flip-flop-able, believe it or not.

Julie Delpy

And for us—what an unbelievable opportunity to have somebody ask you to do that. Yeah, bad acting equals bad script. You can have long distance relationships now.

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I mean, there was a script. Richard, you mentioned a little about how they improvised in the final callback.


And people have to put these explanations. They just looked perfect. I knew just structurally how much work—how intense that was going to be.

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Why do you have to have all that background story? That has consequences on this new relationship, which is a lot of build up of stuff. You want to sprinkle in the last nine years throughout the movie.

All AMAs require proof.

Men believe in little fairies that sunscreen the kids, do the dishes… Linklater: That was a dream come true. Phone calls were so expensive. If you act too acted, this dialogue might not necessarily work. I do have endless respect for that. There is a kind of movie that that works for.