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You can now use SS to select from a choice of field, line, backboard and team strip colours and SP the change the border colour. When you play against the computer in a one player game you can select one of three levels of skill for your opponent: If it is set to 'NO' then player is drawn against player and any 'spare' player will be given a 'bye' into the next round Use SS to highlight the Match Juegos spectrum 128k online dating you wish to alter.

It is possible to control set pieces very hyde and jackie dating by proper use of the controls. If the match is against the computer, the computer will go through to the next round on the assumption that the person wishes to leave the competition if he aborts the game.

If a single match is played the team names are the first two in the 'Change Team Names' menu. With this player you can dribble, tackle, pass, head, block trap, take corners and throw-ins and perform virtually all of the skills of real football.

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It is important to keep your eye on the shadow which is always directly beneath the ball. You will see four options: Number of Players Cup Only: The computer difficulty increases by one in the semi-finals and by one again in the finals. Any other key to continue game.

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These options are altered by using the following 'Menus'. Return to the management of the emulator in this case, reload the page. This player is indicated on-screen by his socks turning the colour of the rest of his strip. Select Tape Loader from the main menu on the Spectrum for further instructions consult the section on loading in your manual.

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When you have defined the controls to your satisfaction press CS to return to the match. The actual length of each period of extra time is proportional to the 'Length of Each Half' which is selected.

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At the end of the loading process follow the screen instructions. If the match is against another player then the current scoreline stands unless it is a draw in which case one of the players is randomly chosen to go through to the next round. To pass along the ground you must be stationary when you kick, if you are moving the ball will fly up and bounce along the ground.

It is important to note that a player will not be able to run as fast with the ball as without due to the need to control the ball. Match Day ofters three game play options: If the game aborted is a cup match then the following rules apply: When you have changed all the names you wish, press CS to return to the Main Menu.

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Note that during the match the on-screen clock will always run from and minutes. Now press PLAY on the recorder.

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If you now wish to alter the game controls, press SS until this choice is highlighted. The game will then start with the score adjusted. The ball will go in the direction you are facing. The camera automatically scans the pitch.

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To successfully gain possession of the ball, you must judge its path and time your interception, so that the ball arrives at your feet. Amateur Professional International In the Cup competition the computer begins the quarterfinals at the level set here.

Note that the team which appears on the left of the screen has its goal at the left end of the field. In this case, you can safely position the screen along with the keyboard with the mouse wheel. In addition to being able to kick or throw the ball in different directions you have three levels of strength: To test it, start a single player game by selecting the top option - 'Play International Match Day 1 Player Game ' - from the main menu The display will now show the current match scoreline and team strips.

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If you intercept a bouncing ball too early it will be deflected off your legs, body or head. This is particularly useful in two player games if you only have one joystick.

To accurately trap a bouncing ball you must place your feet on the spot where you estimate the ball and shadow will meet ie.

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The last option on the 'Start of Game' menu allows you to simply swap the controls for each player. Before starting a match you will probably need to set up the various game options.

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If you are redefining a key you will be presented with the ZX Spectrum key layout. The screen message should appear and the game will load automatically. Practice combined with accurate timing produces the most skillful players. THROW-IN When the ball leaves the field and crosses either touch line, a member of the appropriate team automatically crosses over to take the til throw.

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To fully appreciate the very high degree of control you have over the ball requires much practice. If you left-click on the page, the focus will go to it.

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You can throw towards one of nine possible positions. Each team has its own colour strip in the normal game this is while shirt, white shorts and yellow socks for team 1 and yellow shirts, yellow shorts and white socks for team 2 and is made up of a goalkeeper, defenders, midheld players and attackers.

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Up to eight persons can take part in the Cup competition. The ball is always a short distance in front of your player in whichever of the eight possible directions you move him.

The use SP to step along the options as required. The game is seen from a 'camera eye' view.

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You will also see the following menu. A 'soft' centre to the left or right will therefore move slightly forward of the centre line. If 'Computer Opponent' is set to 'YES' then the cup draw will, whenever possible, match a player with a computer controlled opponent.