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Seems to be a light PG He tries to persuade Nora to let him perform with her, and to forgive him for his behavior. Frustrated, Skinny sulkily walks back home in a huff, but spots PJ arriving at a store with his friend. Later during a party night at Omar's house, Skinny comes by despite being told to stay at home, but ends up getting kicked out by Mac and Tyler because they promised Mac's mother he'd stay home.

Mac is often embarrassed by Skinny.

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When Mac and Skinny pay Tyler a visit on the school's lot, Nora watches curiously from a window as Tyler dances with his friends, mockingly incorporating a mashup of break-dance and the ballet moves he has recently observed.

Sign in to vote. After the funeral, both Mac and Tyler realize that they need to make better decisions in their lives. During one of their practice sessions, Andrew falls over and, realizing he can not cope with the dance, resigns himself from the routine, and Nora is, once again, left without a partner.

Nora transforms the choreography into a solo piece.

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During their initial practice session, Tyler is antagonistic towards Nora as well as her boyfriend, Brett, both of whom respond with haughty attitudes. Disgusted by josh henderson and jenna dewan dating betrayal, Nora breaks up with Brett.

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Pretty girls throw themselves at him, but he wants Molly Jenna-Dewan-Tatum who plays hard to get and demands respect. When a security guard appears, Tyler helps the two escape, accepting full blame for the vandalism himself. Katherine only wants what's best for Nora.

She dumps him for bad boy Marc Dixon Abraham Taylor.

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He is killed by P. Tom Arnold plays a priest who occasional misspeaks in sexual innuendos, such as "So concludes my unit on procreation" or "Easier than a prom date.

Therefore, Director Gordon introduces Tyler also, as a "transfer". Nora is and embraces Tyler.


It also lends itself to some old fashion dating protocol while contrasting it with what not to do. After the performance, Director Gordon is beaming and the crowd is blown away.

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Brett signs a recording deal with a company, but in doing so, betrays his friend, Miles, to get the opportunity. Skinny steals PJ's unattended car and rebelliously drives back to Omar's place wanting to hang out with the girls.

Her dream is for Nora to go to college instead of being a professional dancer.

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She initially declines, but suddenly changes her mind as Tyler wishes her good luck and walks away. Deep down Mac cares about his little brother. The scene talks place at a Catholic school with the occasional D.

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The script is predictable. After dancing together at a club where Miles and Lucy perform, Tyler and Nora finally move forward with a romantic relationship.

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J's car and sadly dies Alyson Stoner as Camille Gage, Tyler's sister and also a talented hip hop dancer Rachel Griffiths as Director Gordan, the no nonsense director of Maryland School of Arts Josh Henderson as Brett Dolan, Nora's conceited ex-boyfriend who wants to be a singer Tim Lacatena as Andrew, Nora's original dance partner who becomes injured Heavy D as Omar, a shady car dealer who loves eating and money Babbal Kumar as dark dancer Deirdre Lovejoy as Katherine Clark, Nora's overprotective widowed mother who doesn't approve of her daughter's dream to be a dancer.

He is sentenced to hours of community service, which is to be served at the school.

Katherine eventually supports Nora's dancing dreams. Spoilers This is a teen romantic comedy a notch below and less universal appeal than "An Easy A.

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Was this review helpful? She repeats her advice to him from their first rehearsal together that he'll need to get some tights, and the two share a kiss, hoping to dance together again even more. Tyler surprises Nora by showing up, last minute, at the evening of the showcase.

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Katherine's husband died a few years ago prior to the movie Jamie Scott as Colin, Lucy's famous singer boyfriend who later cheats on her. He does quite well being a jerk, of course playing in a band and being the lead singer never hurts either.

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Adriana Gutierrez as main extra in auditorium, wearing sweater and jeans Actors Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met while filming Step Up and began dating shortly after it was completed; they married in Rehearsals continue as normal, until Andrew returns seemingly healed from his injury.