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Teresa is often paired with James for missions and they have developed a partnership.

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Help us with just a few more questions. He offers to kill him, but Camila says no because they don't have permission yet 1x Tell my friends about Myspace? James is very loyal. He is willing to beat and torture people for information, but he finds no joy in this.

I have done online dating. I have a good work ethic and love exercise, music, cooking, jiu jitsu, nature, going out, camping and hiking.

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Skills As he's ex-military, he is trained in combat first-aid 2x03 as well as in using weaponry. He has also been shot twice and hasn't been shown to complain. There is a science, something when applied that can drastically improve how many dates you have coming your way each month.

His outlook on life is grim, as shown by his "trapped in a cave" metaphor.

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James met John in Florida, and he had a redheaded woman around that James was into; John later married her. He has excellent marksmanship and has served as a sniper for both Camila and Teresa.

I gave up after a few months and some not-so-fun experiences. The Birdman was a competitor of the Texas cartelfriendly flirty lines guys the other half of Texas.

Let your followers know you're on Myspace with a Tweet. Back when I did it the first time in the early s I call this online dating 1.

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He never did that again, due to the vomiting it caused 1x George often comes up with nicknames for James, and James appears annoyed but resigned to having to deal with him. He also checks her phone when it receives a message, and asks her who she's going out with that night. Just a simple man.

This prompts James to go seek out Teresa, who believes in doing things a better way. He left his business in Texas and followed Teresa to Malta, rescuing her from Camila's men that tried to kill her. He is good at calculating risk and escaping dangerous situations intact, though he does come in contact with a bullet every now and then.

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Most people use their real name. Pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. He chose to be part of that world and he had to accept the consequences 1x Other clients such as Lopez are treated with respect because that is what they expect from him.

Devon is the one that wants him to kill Mark Douglas, even though James thinks he's innocent.

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He puts on a silent, tough front but he isn't as unaffected as he looks. He's an ex-military sergeant. After James rescued Isabelahe asked Camila for a cut of the money they received from Devon Finch and they parted on good terms.

We based it off your Twitter details. Nevertheless, he helps bury Guero after his death. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Relationships Edit Camila Vargas: James doesn't like Guero, to say the least. Throughout the series, James shows more and more loyalty to Teresa, eventually coming to work for her.

Personality Edit James shows that he cares for Teresa by warning her to not ingratiate herself with Camila, as well as trying to protect her from Camila when he can. James has a good head on his shoulders. Looking for someone to share my life with.

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James teams up with Devon after Camila and Teresa leave Texas. I'm very interested in traveling and learning more about sailing James served as Camila 's right hand for years. Connect me to people I follow on Twitter?

But you can pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. He realized, as most people who use online dating eventually discover, it might take a few dates to find someone you click with, which takes time and effort.

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He was jealous of Teresa when Camila asked Teresa to take over for her while she was in prison 2x Online Dating I have a confession to make: He shows a lot of concern for Kim's safety, but she is tired of using her sick days to go stay in some rusty old trailer every time his job gets dangerous 1x He becomes much more friendly when interacting with clients such as Bill from the Savings Club and John from Florida, because he knows that they need these small comforts.

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Loves to be pampered.