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It was horrible how the audience continually booed them every week but I'm glad they always came onstage with their head held high.

People also say he is the better looking, but that's now true because they are both gorgeous: Producers think that of all the lonely celebs, Jedward will have the least trouble pulling a fan.

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Edward has a scar on top of his lip, a larger face, is an inch taller, and very quiet. They were on the x factor and came jedward dating if you didn't know how they became famous.

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We were very innocent last time and this time we were bad-ass rock stars. When jedward dating Jedward born?

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Jedward The Irish twins - who shot to fame after competing on 'The X Factor' in - are expected to dish the dirt on their love lives later this year after they agreed to take part in the currently-untitled programme that will allow fans to date their idols. A source told The Sun Online: I think a lot of the housemates were pre-judging us.

L Who are jedward named after?

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The boys also say that their mother kind of came up with the name, Jedward. And, six years prior to that, they went into the famous house and came third.


And I think John is dating Amy. But they did kiss.

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Edward is currently singal Officaly John got 'married' On big brother Search it up on youtube-Big brother day 6 part 4 They just did it for fun. The number of fans of the singing identical twins from Ireland is certainly in the millions.

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Jedward are certainly the best. How many fans does jedward have? Are jedward the best? They were easily the best part of what was an awful series of 'The X Factor' and I always knew that they would be talked about more than any other contestant on the show.

When they went off the X factor many viewers stopped watching the it: Meanwhile, Jedward certainly aren't strangers to reality TV as they became fan favourites - despite annoying their fellow housemates - earlier this year when they agreed to take part in January's 'Celebrity Big Brother', in which they came second.

Jedward are always changing their mobile numbers so this would be a very difficult number to find.

Jedward and Marnie Simpson to star in new MTV dating series Single AF | Metro News

What gcses did jedward take? Not much else is known about the show but it's believed Marnie Simpson - who was left heartbroken earlier this year when she found out her boyfriend Lewis Bloor had cheated on her - and Scotty T have also jumped on board the forthcoming project.

Jedward have reportedly signed up to a new forthcoming international dating show.

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Since they were born on the 16th of October the day after me! Many agree they were on the wrong show but very entertaining. They are funny, entertaining and very lively.

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Oh you dont know who Last time we came third and this time we came second so it's a personal best. When she thought one of them was John, but it was actually Edward, she'd say J We came in later and everyone had already bonded.

Jedward is the name given to two Irish twins who were in the X Factor Personal information about someone should never be made public on the Internet or in the papers. The name 'Jedward' comes from the twins' names John and Edward.

Speaking recently, the boys said: Which jedward twin is which?

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Where does Jedward live now? Love em to bits x What age is jedward? There's something about their puerile antics and huge blond quiffs that get some women weak at the knees.

Their names are John and Edward.

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John has a pointy right ear, crooked teeth, poutier lips, scar on his head, ears pierced but doesn't wear earrings anymoresays he has more spots than edward and is always talking.

What is Jedwards mobile number? E love them What is the group Jedward?