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I then asked if they needed anything before they left. It was such a pleasure to have you. I told you a little above They replied that they were just fine, but thanks!

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I definitely do Flirtationship imageshack have sewing skills Thanks again for letting me hang out with the "Funky Time" crew today!

They thought it was pretty funny as well.

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Sachiko thought this creative date to share with her jea beg dating divas I turned around to see our group trying to stiffle laughter and we all quickly walked out. I walked up to their table and asked how their meal was.

On the front of each envelope was a poem about a restaurant.


I see that I caught your attention, huh! Even now…when I pick up a book, the whole world disappears…. You can see which choice was the popular one….

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I chose a table consisting of two parents and a child. I tried to take pictures of the others doing their tasks.

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My husband finally put the top three choices on the ground and called our little Yorkie to come over. So what is OUR website all about?

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We love spreading the word about our blog…. At each stoplight, we took jea beg dating divas pulling out a task to complete! My group was all done, and I was hoping that I could quickly complete my task and then we could all walk…er… sneak out.

Thank you so much Tara for the great idea!

We even decided to share tips on how to look good for our man AND ideas on how to keep things HOT in a certain room …. They were then allowed to open the envelope of the place they all wanted to eat at…and that is where we headed. Each person had to choose at least one task out of the envelope and complete it sometime during our meal.

I think my jaw dropped.

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They came over and we chatted with them for a minute — I told them that they were part of a game we were playing and I thanked them for being such good sports.

If you have never played that game — I totally recommend it! This sounds like something my husband and I would enjoy.

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When I first happened onto her blog by chance We then divided up into two groups…. I think she just comes up with the most fun ideas!

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Tell about your first date with your spouse. This is such a fun post; enjoy! Mention MC Hammer in three sentences throughout the dinner. Go over to another table, ask them how their food is and if they are enjoying their dinner.

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Just print it onto white cardstock…I mounted it on some colored paper as well…. It looked like they were just finishing up…. After our eventful car ride to the restaurant…we arrived, were seated, and we ordered our SUPER yummy food.

We headed back to our place and had a blast playing Rock Band.

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We received a lot of fun AND funny reactions from people in other cars. Discovering something new, nice conversations, hugs, tasty food, my children's smiles and giggles, creating, gorgeous scenery especially when least expected, Beautiful fabrics, holding hands with my loved ones, cute clothes, my Faith in God, kindness to me and from me the Little things that sometimes mean a lot in life Friday, October 14, Dating Diva Guest Post Tara from The Dating Divas will be sharing fun ideas you can do on a date with your hubby.

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It was SUCH a hit that the group decided to try two tasks each. I was a pretty outgoing kiddo….

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Here are a few of them: Make Star Trek door noises whenever someone passes the table. Posted by Sachiko Aldous at 6: In our car, we decided it would be more fun if we ALL did each task…here are some pictures of the differents ones we had to do you may need to click on the pictures to make them bigger…: Some people in one car even started dancing along with us!!

I have to tell you a little bit about ONE of my tasks!