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Jay z flirting with rachel roy. Beyonce & jay z’s relationship timeline with rachel roy cheating rumors – hollywood life

The Met Gala was held on May 5, so the new Roy speculation could be just that: Are you saying your husband cheats on you? Gangsta guys is all about thereselves that is it.


Have Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin set a wedding date? Shay Beyonce stans are so simple. At the very least she must have believed that she had a chance right?

Bey decided to confront Rachel for disrespecting her marriage and Solange hopped right in to provide back up.

Fashion Designer Rachel Roy Denies Being “Becky” Referenced In Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

Smith I confess, Its me! Stop making excuses for less-than men.

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All Night, the last song in the story, answers your question. And stuck with him in a song where she said she cannot get away from him. It was the need to present a united front that forced Bey and Jay to attend that Brooklyn Nets game.

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And it looks like, that is what Jay-Z and Beyonce did. What are your thoughts on this whole fiasco? There are good men out there; Jay-Z is obviously not one of them if he makes a woman like Beyonce doubt herself. SaraJ Ha — actually I am married: Did you even read the lyrics quoted before you commented?

She married a gangster. But I know how marriage works. She compared him to her father who had a 2nd family on the side.

Solange Attacked Jay Z For Flirting With Rachel Roy At Met Gala Party – Wendy Williams

Stepfather Bruce Jenner was also reported to be grumpy at the reception and ducked out early. Marriage is work, for better or worse, and sometimes worse can be bad as hell. Ppl like u is why the divorce rate is so high. Instead of pacifying his wife Jay-Z found himself in the middle of the mix actually cursing out Beyonce.

According to a source at E!

Rachel Roy & Jay Z

When they date a nice attractive woman for a while they got them pregnant and afterwards they cheat on there girlfriends with other woman. SaraJ Yes I did watch it — and it was amazing of course. She is not sad in the slightest. Some reports claim that Jay Z was flirting with Roy, causing Solange to fume; while others are saying that Roy and Solange had a fight of their own and Solange felt that her brother-in-law should have come to her defense.

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Kim's own brother, Rob Kardashian, flew out the night before the ceremony and her stepbrother, Brody Jenner, didn't come because he couldn't bring his girlfriend.

I Joined This 7 months. Bey hive I am ready for you!

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Jay-Z was with Beyonce for the fame that was it. If ur marriage could be fix then u and partner should try and fix it. SaraJ Ugh, shut up.

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Do you think that Jay hooked up with Rachel? Otherwise she would never have even tried to be flirtacious!

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Word first came down in April that the songstress and her rapping husband would not head overseas to watch their friends walk down the aisle when The Sun reported that the two did not want to appear on camera for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Apparently at the gala itself Rachel Roy, former wife of musical producer Damon Dash was being super flirty with Jay and both Beyonce and Solange took notice.

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She should be embarrassed and handle her dirty laundry at home, instead of milking it for public pitty. What do you think?