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If you are talking about Dean Cook the British actor, yes, he is still alive. But Nikko argued his name was on the pillows The judge then announced that Nikko was not just a surprise witness but a housemate and part of the show, which shocked everyone and saw Merika walk off the set.

I had such high hopes for him! Ang encourages him to get a good job and get his life on track so he can be an example as his daughter. Her mouth was vicious. Christopher Columbus died May 20, from a heart attack in Valladolid, Spain.

Is Karen grassle still alive? After the debacle at the Drunken Monkey, Ang and Drita are meeting with Natalie to talk her about the importance of not sweating the small stuff.

Karen said she was only 19 when her father told her and her family he would begin helping the government pursue charges against his mob buddies, including boss Gotti.

As Karen screams at her boyfriend, Storm just sits passively waiting for her to stop talking.

Mob Wives Recap: You Gotti Love The Drama

She then told them she knew that one of the cast had a secret and had brought a witness to testify on it. Karen said Storm would shut her down if she said something he did not feel was important and that like craigslist for hookups dating her temper.

Is Christopher Cross still performing? Self-help by Victoria Gotti?

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As we return to the scene of the rat raceer, girl fight, Karen Gravano is shoulder checking Natalie Guercio into a brick wall. He has two children with ice skater Jill Trenary.

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In a show of tough love, Renee has sent her son AJ to live with his grandfather to learn some responsibility and respect.

She woke up one morning when Storm came in from a late night, and she startles a girl in the living room. The show was an instant hit. Ang is sharing her disappointment with Drita, and Drita hopes that this lesson will be the wake-up call that AJ needs to turn his life around.

She also reveals that Renee wants to meet her to talk about their friendship. Karen and Storm were up next and the judge immediately scolded him for slouching.

The producers decorated the rooms with some interesting artwork Drama: Across town, Karen is giving Renee a tour of her new digs.

Where is Tropical Storm Karen?

Although their friendship has been very strained, Ang and Renee are finally meeting to settle their differences. Venus Nicolino then introduced themselves to the reality stars and told them that they were there to help the couples take their relationships to the next level Tough task: She is 98 years old Is Christopher Dean married and does he have any children?

There Karen became a licensed aesthetician and launched her own day spa. Later, she moved back to Staten Island to create her own identity away from the dishonorable conduct of her father. The students have become the teachers.

Across town, Ang receives a phone call from her AJ in Rikers.

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Keke and Michael were first to be addressed by the judge, who told them they were not on the same page, before listing their grievances Tude: At home, Drita is excited that things are going so well with Lee.

Is dean cook still alive? The other co-stars were shocked to see the couple in the Bootcamp. So no, Christopher Dean is no longer married. Is mark dean still alive?

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No, Christopher Columbus is not alive. Storm told the judge that was not the case in their relationship. Ang is now a grandmother! InKaren and her family moved to Arizona under the federal witness protection program.

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Is Christopher Craig still alive? This girl is ridiculous. Mark Dean is a computer engineer and was born March 2, You can't just pop up in the courtroom that is a little bit unfair. He put her in a place where her only option was to act insane.

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Bachelor newlyweds Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert already on rocky ground. So basically, Karen is currently off hook. When a defeated Storm refuses to leave, Karen runs out screaming about what a bad ass she is. I wonder how much VH1 is paying London to stick around for the cameras.

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It lead to some pretty awkward three-way camera sessions Erika told the judge she was ready to give up but wanted to fight for their relationship. Yes she is alive and living in a nursing home.

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Both Ang and Drita agree that Natalie hit below the belt with Karen. Koke told the cameras that Michael tore her down rather than built her up as she cried on screen. Regardless of her friendship with the ladies, Natalie refuses to play nice.

Kudos to Karen for an often under-utilized move!

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He is still alive. Her husband, Tom Burris, abandoned her in Oct. The fiery footage then continued with Tanner saying: Her body measurement is of inches, which she is not ashamed to share on her social media accounts. Is Christopher Dean still married? Karen Gravano Weight Loss Weight is a sensitive issue for most people, and Karen Gravano has definitely struggled with hers.

Renee is shocked to learn that London was nice and pleasant to Karen and Storm. Their relationship lasted seven years.