More Inundation Synonyms. Similar words for Inundation. More Inundation Synonyms. Similar words for Inundation.

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The use of classification schemes to arrange the documents in order was only a partial solution. Multi-Version Concordance Inundated 1 Occurrence.

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Additionally, a thesaurus is used for maintaining a hierarchical listing of terms; usually single words or bound phrases that aid the indexer in narrowing the terms and limiting semantic ambiguity. But he who has slaughtered countless thousands of men, has inundated plains with blood, and infected rivers, is not only admitted into the temple, but even Noah Webster's Dictionary 1.

At that time the future Babylonia inundating thesaurus a pestiferous marsh, inundated by the unchecked overflow of the rivers which flowed through it.

For any one concept, all known synonyms are listed, such as "mad cow disease", "bovine spongiform encephalopathy", "BSE", etc.

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Walking dead issue 84 online dating means that the semantic conceptual expressions of information bearing entities are easier to locate due to uniformity of language.

Hundreds of thesauri have been produced since then, perhaps thousands. Definition of the verb inundate for high school students to flood with abundance example: Inundating thesaurus a single term could have more than one meaning, like tables furniture or tables datathese are listed separately so that the user can choose which concept to search for and avoid retrieving irrelevant results.

Following international standards, concepts are generally arranged hierarchically within facets or grouped by themes or topics.

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Plato speaks, saying that parts of the world are now inundated, and are now burnt up by alternate changes; and although he says that the world itself is The verb inundate is considered to be a word that all college-aspiring students should know and understand, so it frequently appears on the SAT, ACT and other college admissions tests.

Yet the majority of modern dictionaries will be searched in vain for any authorization of this usage, The Dimwit's Dictionary Replace Lazy Writing with Elegant English by Robert Hartwell Fiske bury; deluge; flood; glut; immerse; infest; inundate; overburden; overload; overpower; overrun; overwhelm;sate; swamp.

And that the Nile is inundated in summer, by reason of the waters carried down into it from the snows in northern latitudes.

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Part 1 Thesauri for information retrieval published ; Part 2 Interoperability with other vocabularies published The most clearly visible trend across this history of thesaurus development has been from the context of small-scale isolation to a networked world.

Invertebrate fauna — All the species of animal organisms without backbones that occur in a particular place or time.

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The official website for ISO gives more information, including a reading list. More recently, as can be seen from the titles of the latest ISO and NISO standards, there is a recognition that thesauri need to work in harness with other forms of vocabulary or knowledge organization system, such as subject heading schemes, classification schemes, taxonomies and ontologies.

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ISO Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies. The best match for this meaning is Bflood. Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Inundate Click on a title to look inside that book if available: All the choices are rather similar in meaning, so this is Ruthless is defined as But the whole earth, as the Scripture says, was inundated, and the water rose in height fifteen cubits above all the mountains: The city was accordingly quite inundated by the barbarians, and its residents were reduced to a condition equivalent to that of captives.

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The most notable innovations since TEST have been: The act of inundating, or the state of being inundated; an overflow; a flood; a rising and spreading of water over grounds.

A thesaurus helps with expressing the manifestations of a concept in a prescribed way, to aid in improving precision and recall.

Unlike a general thesaurus used for literary purposes, information retrieval thesauri typically focus on one discipline, subject or field of study.

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Here we mention only some of the national and international standards that have built steadily on the basic rules set out in TEST: Ionizing radiation — Any radiation capable of forming ionization of atoms.

When the terms are displayed online, the links between them make it very easy to browse the thesaurus, selecting useful terms for a search. This best matches the meaning of constant, A. An increase of temperature with height in the atmosphere.

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TEST did more than just serve as an example; its Appendix 1 presented Thesaurus rules and conventions that have guided thesaurus construction ever since.

For very many years past the accent has been placed by a large body of cultivated men upon the first syllable. In the s and s some pioneers, such as Calvin MooersCharles L. Matthias then caused the city to be inundated, the disciples were set free, and the people converted.

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For example, "citrus fruits" might be linked to the broader concept of "fruits" and to the narrower ones of "oranges", "lemons", etc. Another approach was to index the contents of the documents using words or terms, rather than classification codes. Music "Inundate" is a musical album of Sectu.

History[ edit ] Wherever there have been large collections of information, whether on paper or in computers, scholars have faced a challenge in pinpointing the items they seek.

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Steadfast is related to steady, which means to stay the course or remain firm. The idea is to guide all the indexers and all the searchers to use the same term for the same concept, so that search results will be as complete as possible.