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Not a single second later. Counter fake, double and reversed casts: I didn't play confidently and I had some doubts and fears in myself. Even if you did the tactics wrong in a match, keep fighting with full confidence until you can control the situation and turn things around.

This ability is possibly one of the most dangerous things a warrior can do in an instance, as more often than not feared enemies will end up triggering new enemies, and once the 8 seconds are up, the original enemies will return with help.

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Even tho they say hunters and mages are their Anti-class of the warrior. Intimidating shout focus macro priest and hotfixes Patch 7. First use piercing howl on him and get him slowed. Still, even with the healing you get, a prot can get you rekt.

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Piercing Howl helps instead of Hamstring vs rogues and ferals. I will list spells to use for peeling: You can do this to stop the healer while your teammate bursts on the kill target and kills him.

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So how do you maximize your damage? There are other ways in which you can get a rend on the rogue in different situations: Now has a 6-second duration in PvP down from 8 seconds. Healer's trinket on CD: So, use Heroic strike everytime your rage goes over 50, use Mocking blow as soon as you can, and thunderclap comes last in the extra damage makers, use it if all else is used.

Edit This ability is possibly one of the most dangerous things a warrior can do in a dungeon, as more often than not feared enemies will end up aggroing new enemies. No longer cost Rage. P xD Okay, fat dating london get started with stuff i prepared for you guys.

As soon as his charge misses, I immediately charge him afterwards. Be ready with an interrupt and possibly overpower to inflict UA if interrupt fails.

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Intimidating Shout can be used on a single target to incapacitate them for 8 seconds. Always hit with MS Mortal Strike ,it's your main spell!

Medallion is only used when a VERY important situation calls for it. Never let MS expire on your targets. Almost all warriors know this. Sometimes I do this whenever I see an intercept coming my way. In PvP, this can also be useful for tricking enemies into using their PvP trinketwasting its cooldown.

That rotation is the very basic damage maker, it's how all warriors roll. While soloing, it can be useful to escape if things are going badly.

It's always a good idea to intercept after they blink.


The cowering in fear effect will no longer be applied when the target resists this shout. Good Spriests will almost always fake cast the first VT Whenever the debuff is about to expire, renew it. Useful to avoid CC or get a clutch Pummel or Execute.

Start with alot of resil and health. Also using reflects as effectively as possible. But luckily for you, you are Arms specced warrior with Second Wind and Crazed-something Healing talent from fury tree.

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Good for kiting NOTE: You can control the healer when a target is near death and stop the healer from doing anything for a long time, or maybe a VERY long time if the whole team, synced their CCs together.

If you think you are noob and you will never do something, you'll never do it.

You can also Intervene with the same button just by targeting who you want to Intervene. Things to keep in mind: So wait a bit before using your trinket.

I will give you some tips: If you want to avoid the sheep by him, you can either bash him, fear him, intercept him, or go in Bladestorm mode.

NEVER let them run out. This is the game-breaking step, so be careful. Reverse sheep is when the mage is low in health and he aims to cast Polymorph on your spell reflect so it gets reflected back at him and he gets healed by it.

Or instead those two you can put on Incite.

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Using this in combination with a [Piercing Howl] Fury specialization can buy the warrior enough of a head start to run clear of the fight; this is best done in outdoor environment. Giving your back to a tree will be extra.

A warrior with fear and doubt is like a blade with rust, no matter how shiny and powerful it looks, it will eventually break.

Also acts as regular Battle Stance key with 1 push. Cooldown reduced from 2 to 1 min.

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For me, warrior is the class who can beat any class, it doesn't have anti-classes if u know how to play it. I wouldn't recommend doing this, but this is what I do sometimes.

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Either way it's your own style how u wanna play. These guys are the most annoying of all the people I fight in duels. I had also 2.

Or Shield block and spam revenge. Feb 14, 17 It's good to be able to abuse the max range of intimidating shout by fearing a focus target that's 8 yards away while you continue to deal damage to your main target without ever having to change target to do so.