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Intimidating pokemon nicknames for meganium. Pokemon nicknames - in-game discussion - team magma

But besides that, it is just a cute name for a Ponyta. Sandra F Instead of Wraith picking the 'shrew' part, I picked the 'sand' part and wait, Sandra contains the word sand!

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Angela F The most extreme form of 'a name in a name', just remove the T and you get Angela. It is almost the same, and it has something to do with roses. Ragnarok looks a lot like Regirock. Stella F This one is clear I suppose? That category is not that relevant for people here, because they are mostly made out of jokes in my native language.

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Snoepje F The diminutive of sweet or candy in Dutch, because Dratini is such a sweet thing. Etna F Well, you could use another random volcano on earth for it. Megan F It is starting to get a bit boring with explaining Well, maybe a bit optimistic for Regirock's power, I guess.

I am not really sure, but I thought Morgana did not belong to the epic of Ariosto, intimidating stare down pacquiao the link between sheep and shepherdess is close enough, I think.

Lucia F One character change and you got a proper name.

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Aurelia F For those who do not know; it means 'Dawn'. Rina F I think I do not have to explain that name? It comes from the Norse mythology of course, the awaiting disastrous events in the future that destroy everything. Valentina F Named after my favourite classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa.

I do not have Tyranitars often, though.

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Let's explain some names, then! Gyeonmun I could not come up with a good name for it, something with acuity did not work too, so I switched to Korean. And what is left, are the funny names! And translating them would be dumb. Angelina F Especially the 'Lina' part comes from Linoone.

Tyra F Drop -nitar and you get this! Anyway, I like that name a lot better!

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Cynthia F I listed this one because I have no clou where I found this weird name. Morgana F Yes, this one is a least thought-through. Mostly I give them names I like, in most cases it is just the name with no additional meaning or something. Candy F Because Froslass looks like a candy, with that ribbon around her middle.

And others just have bad luck. Incendie F Incendie means 'fire' in French. Kiri F Named after the girl in Sootopolis City who gives you berries every day.

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It comes from 'mi' beautiful'ya' night and 'ko' child. Rosalie F An 'anagram' for Roselia although only two vowels are swappedand well, just look at the name Together with Waltz for RaltsI would make a whole dance related evolutionary chain, but I cannot come up with a good dance which looks like Kirlia and Gardevoir.

Tamana could also be used if you have a female Mantine. A funny name for people who like those games.

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Bella F The whole evolutionary chain contains at least the letters 'bel', so It seems to mean 'knowledge', but there is a chance I picked the wrong word. Furthermore, the 'meaningful' names, which are no common names for people, but based on things, phenomena or thoughts, are another category.

October 1, Oh well, do not ask me about nicknames