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Previously, small businesses had provided a great deal of assistance with supplies, including food. All detainees were released. We therefore believe that the question of labour should be placed at the centre of the debate in the movement both in terms of analysis and action, because we think that without the expansion of the movement to all the exploited who pay for the crisis of the capitalist system of production the movement will have no real impact on society.

We have to escape inertia to begin to take our lives back into our own hands. As evening fell, the protesters put up a large tarp canopy beneath which they passed out signs with the intention of spending the night.

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The National Policehowever, placed the number at 20, As a result of the clashes and the following riots, several shop windows were destroyed and trash containers burned. You can bring all your collected canned goods at the church of your choice. In Santiago de Compostela, a group of eight hooded people smashed several banks and local businesses.

Data Collection We want to collect data on pending legislation, on the laws that govern our working conditions which are more insecure, exhausting, a form of blackmail, and the numerical data indignados documental online dating describe how many workers and their families there are and how they live today in Italy.

Google Docs and other servers began to receive download requests for documents needed to legally request permission for new protests. Too often we have seen movements start from their policy proposals and promptly split over themfrom a citizen's income, to the European wage, from socially useful work to less work, work for all etc.

Conditions of Exploitation We want to collect eye witness accounts and stories that describe the real conditions of exploitation experienced daily by workers, especially young people but not just them, starting with those who are reading this.

Demonstration in Madrid Protests took place in all the planned cities. During this season, several religious organizations are collating and starting a donation drive too. They had until midnight. Ask everyone in your circle of musical term meaning lovingly or tinder dating site to bring canned goods.

In workplaces and neighborhoods. We want to put the workers at the centre of indignados documental online dating concerns inviting them to rise up against the conditions of misery and exploitation that they daily live through.

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Your friends and relatives will play a great part in your drive to help the less fortunate. These protests occurred even though protests on the day before elections are banned. It is not too late to extend a helping hand to people if you want to make their Christmas as jolly as yours.

Analysing conditions of exploitation in all these sectors and the deterioration of living conditions. We have already published an article on the broader international movement of the "Indignados": In this sense all we have to do is encourage them, support them, and to defend of their interests and not the real interest of this or that trade union or political group.

The protesters were advised not to drink alcohol or to organize into groups of more than 20 people, as these acts could provoke a legal police crackdown. This is demonstrated by the attacks on the living and working conditions of the working class carried out by governments of all shades, from Berlusconi to Zapatero.

We do not want to discuss this or that plan to solve the problems of this system we will never get out of it! You can start collecting canned goods and donate them. The labour commission is open to anyone who wants to participate, we invite all to participate in online discussion by subscribing to the mailing list: We agitate with the slogan that the real struggle is in our workplaces, and in our neighborhoods!

There are lots of ways to help the poor. Protesters created support groups for each campout on Twitter and other national and international networks. Also according to the organizers, 15, gathered in the demonstration in Barcelona, which ended in front of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Or you can even start your own drive. You can donate medicines like Neosporin on wasp sting. This will surely warm them in the cold evening nights.

Finally, we believe that it is the workers themselves who know what the most effective forms of struggle in every situation are. We tried to reverse the logic through which the "issue of work" is addressed by trade unions, political parties and various politicians.

In previous discussions we considered the causes of exploitation were linked to the conflict between capital and labour and the fact that the capitalist mode of production is now in crisis, obsolete and outdated, it is no longer able to offer anything progressive to the new generations.

At the same time, the government continued to announce social program cutbacks.

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In other cities such as Granada, up to 5, protesters attended. In addition, protesters organized a food stand, which provided food donated by local businesses, and set up a webcam to provide news from Puerta del Sol through the website Ustream.

For this the agitational slogans that we use are simple: Perhaps the most popular way of helping the less fortunate people are to give them money. Police offers arrested 24 people, and five police officers were injured. After finishing the drive, bring these clothes to the less fortunate ones in your community or to a shelter of your choice.

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Developing forms of agitation which can extend our meetings in these sectors, as the Puerta del Sol assembly did. They decide whether or not to accept the proposals of others. This is something that they can use to buy things they need and food to eat.

Instead of buying foods and the things they need, they buy cigarettes and alcohol for themselves. There is a disadvantage though when people give money to less fortunate.

Forms of Agitation to Extend the Assembly Movement to the World of Labour We believe it is necessary to extend our meetings to all workers, including temporary workers, the unemployed and all those sectors that are paying for the crisis of capitalism.

United Left announced it would appeal the Supreme Court's decision before the Tribunal Constitucional. The "indignados" on the streets, for now lacking real proletarian anger As the Labour Commission of the Roman movement of the Italian Revolution we identify the crisis as the motor force of the movement of Spanish indignados and other European countries.

In your office, you can ask your office mates and co-workers to bring used clothes, blankets, shoes and start clothes drive to warm these people during the holidays.

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Start collecting them and pick the ones that are usable. These protests took place mostly without incident, except for an exchange of insults between some protesters and members of the Fraternity of the Virgin of Rosario, whose procession overlapped with the end of the protest after the latter continued longer than expected.

Organizing data collection on all major disputes pending in the workplace, redundancies, the numbers of unemployed and precarious workers.