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January 8, 12 A pitcher has sun protection covered; a connection to the earth; business partners hope a deal will help their business explode.

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April 1, Celebrating the biggest deals of the season; the Dragons share their success secrets. November 20, 9 An owner rides circles around the Dragons; a pitch with a lot to digest; a business has its customers drooling; a promise to keep the Dragons from running on empty.

March 16, Businesses compete against one another and the Dragons decide which will continue their pitch. For more i nformation and settings, go to Privacy Centre. March 30, 11 1 A business hopes to leave the Dragons hungry for more; a product works to remove the stink in the Den; a family business hopes for a deal; a financial education platform needs serious interest from the Dragons.

November 6, 7 The Dragons show off their dance indian dating dragons den cbc an idea targets a mess; a high-pitched virus y antivirus computacionales yahoo dating the Dragons learn that entrepreneurship has no age limits.

Dragon's den cbc

March 24, 18 A detox delivery business; an artist with a Disney dream; a golden opportunity; a pepper spray entrepreneur. October 22, 3 An entrepreneur with a cheeky business; a product with a cheesy pitch; an established entrepreneur has a pitch for the Dragons.

November 13, 8 An entrepreneur returns in need of a Dragon partner; a natural product; a Dragon is stretched thin; a pair hoping for a smooth ride.

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March 18, 19 A company tries to scare the Dragons into a deal; an entrepreneur has a cap-in-hand presentation. Please enable and try again.

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March 30, 22 Past and present Dragons share their favourite memories; looking back at the past 10 years of inspiring pitches by Canadian small businesses. March 23, 21 The Dragons see a colourful pitch; a business hopes to grow organically; a pet business tries to get a clean deal; a fitness pitch has the Dragons sweating.

October 10, 5 The Dragons enjoy martinis; the gloves are off; a Dragon swing goes out of bounds; school fundraising. October 26, Smoked meat on wheels; a racy pitch; a housing idea.

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October 30, 6 One of the Dragons gets whipped into shape; a pitcher tries to score a deal; a trip through time; a food pitch stirs up the competition. March 5, A Bollywood-inspired business idea; a solution for sagging pants; an entrepreneur's flavourful pitch.

February 1, 14 First generation Canadians share their stories; a family presents a new breakfast item; a married couple present the Dragons with a taste of their culture; a mobile service offers smiles from ear to ear.

November 18, 7 An artist hopes to sing his way into the dragons' hearts; partners present an enlightening demonstration; a trio must make a decision before an offer melts; business partners hope to team up with a dragon. February 4, 14 A family has a twist on tradition; cousins ride into the Den with bells on; a business has a tropical solution; a family's inspirational story.

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October 28, 4 A company hopes to win a deal; an entrepreneur is put on ice; a farmer serves a taste of her bubbly business. December 2, 9 An entrepreneur discovers which Dragons are naughty or nice; brothers want to warm up cool attitudes; a company has special gifts for the Dragons.

February 29, The friend-zone; a nutrient-rich powder; a masculine ski mask; a natural sweetener. January 11, An exercise aid creates tension; a massage franchise.

Beyond the Deal

Learn More about how Oath uses this data. February 17, 17 A snack fit for a king; an artist's body of work; a food entrepreneur; a Guinness World Record holder.

June 3, 7 1 Entrepreneurs who were unsuccessful in the past try again to make their businesses work; a niche product draws the Dragons out of their comfort zone.

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January 22, 14 A pair of business partners try to sweet-talk the Dragons; a kayak company; a couple prays for a successful pitch; four friends with their own brew. March 1, 18 Brothers hope for a long-term partner for their short-term product; a curious fashion show; a family presents a durable demo; a beauty product's secret ingredient is revealed.

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November 26, 8 An entrepreneur challenges convention; a snowboarder tries to keep his cool; a business gets everything on their wish list; an inventor hopes his product will drive sales. January 7, 10 An entrepreneur hopes a game of catch will score a deal; a hero swoops into the Den; an entrepreneur presents the fruits of her labour; a team hopes for a second chance.

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September 19, 2 A distillery business hopes for an investment; a posture perfectionist; a yard work tool; a pitcher takes flight in the den. November 12, 6 The mood in the Den gets amplified; an entrepreneur hopes to paint a greener future; a family hopes to cook up a deal; a multimillion-dollar request.

November 21, A dental emergency from a tasty pitch; a feathered friend; a helmet innovation.

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January 20, 13 An entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will roll the dice; an inventor returns for an investment; a tourism company; a techpreneur gets a virtual-reality check. February 26, 16 A pitch puts the Dragons on the edge of their seats; a farming family; business partners hope they can arouse some interest; one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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October 5, 2 An entrepreneur breaks down more than just numbers; a designer hopes for a perfect pitch; a family with rich history hopes to get the Dragons seeing dollars; the Dragons receive a tasty proposition. February 11, 15 A legendary creature appears in the Den; the Dragons are on edge over an adventurous business model; a wild opportunity presents itself; a delivery business offers its pitch.

February 8, 15 Siblings try to secure a clean deal; a business offers a twist on a classic condiment; a father and son duo hopes to turn their virtual dream into a reality; a family hopes to prove that their business is in top shape.

April 14, 8 1 A brand new den is revealed; a snack company; a denim company; a couple's solution to a problem; a tech company hopes to launch their product.