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Ikon junho dating nake, early life and before debut

The members are looking at either marriage or solo activities.

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A certain idol with a proclaimed self-composed song is actually bought off other song writers. Sehun is straight, has lot of previous girlfriends, but they dont last very long. Nikhun and tiffany went on a overseas trip together. BEG is probably disbanding after their album this year. Chen apparently did date the girl from apink that he was ara pacis latino dating with.

Most korean male idols smoke, including exo, so if your bias gets called out for smoking, dont be surprised. One of the vocal line has some sort of injury that he got from a foreign performance that exo attended last year, most fans are guess either DO or Chen.

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Most of the SM dispatch dating scandals were paid for by YG. Aside from the chinese members, a korean member with a big fanbase is not happy about how he is not getting the resources that other members with similar fanbases are getting. This year is their make or break year, so fx fans have better buy their album lol.

Chinese cfs pays exo times more than korean cfs. Yoona and lee suengi, taeyeon and baekyun are still dating.

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Suzy and Lee Minho has been meeting up since at latest september last year. SM new boy group will debut at the end of this year, members finalized.

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However, with the departure of the members last year, he broke up with her. Krystal wants to leave the group.

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Whether SM had anything to do with this is unclear. JYP will be merging with a company with a popular female girl, perhaps starship? He took her on roadtrip in his lambo previously.

Tao is dating a korean actress. Lovelyz has a member with an a-list boyfriend, most likely will be announced at their next comeback as mediaplay.

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Apink will have either negative rumours or dating scandal happening this year. Sehun is joining wgm.

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Right now the members have more going for them solo than as part of the group, so fans need to prove to SM and the girls that the group is worth being part of.

Seohyun has a boyfriend, oprobably will be announced before their comeback for mediaplay. There is discord within the group due to resource imbalance between the members.

Sulli will not leave the group.