What is the difference between hyperbole and litotes What is the difference between hyperbole and litotes

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Back to sqlyog free alternative dating article Leaving the marketing behind for now, let's look at the mathematics used in the article.

Here is the formula for V: I'd never heard of hyperbolic discounting and it looked mathematically interesting, so I followed the link.

He's not the most handsome fellow! I'm so hungry I could eat a horse Hyperbole is exaggeration for effect as in "I had to wait forever"or "I've told you a million times".

He swims faster than a fish. The actual choice for their example was unfortunate, because the variables seemed to have nothing to do with economics they don'tand I was no wiser about what was going on. I was so embarassed that I died and buried myself in a twenty foot deep grave.

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For example, "I have a million things to do. Forexample, "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse" is a commonhyperbole. The weights weighed a tonne It is found that the line meets the Hyperbola in real, coincident or imaginary points depending upon whether is equal, greater or less than.

She spends the equivalent of the Gross National Product of Japan on makeup and clothes. That is, it's more like the hyperbolic case, where we are impatient and want a higher reward for waiting even a short while.

I'm so hungry I could eat a cow. An example of such a curve arises in terminal velocity problems. I called you a million times!

That is, they know that if they wait, they should get some reward for waiting.

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However parametric equations can be very useful in some solutions. Studies on peoples' and animals' investing and savings habits have shown this to be the case.

The subject matter of the graph suggested a physics application, rather than some behavioural finance model. Here's what the original page where the Figure 2 graph came from said: A hyperbole is an exaggeration meant to illustrate a point.

It is the mirror image of an exponentially decaying quantity. It will give you some breathing time to work out whether it really is better to buy now, or wait.

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We've just flipped the exponential growth curve that is, reflected it in a horizontal axis from its usual shape steeply descending at first, then levelling off.

For your convenience, here is the curve for Vmax Figure 2 we saw earlier: Image source ] Then he immediately states the following, suggesting some relationship between the exponential curve above, and hyperbolic curves. It's called an exponential "decay" curve because the power of e is negative.

Those two figures of speech can sometimes co-exist; if you say Mary is the coldest fish in the whole universe, that's metaphorical and hyperbolic at the same time.

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They go on to say: I swear you've doubled in size since I last saw you Her voice is deafening Now mathematically, that reward grows exponentially not as steep at the beginningbecause interest on money grows exponentially.

There is thus no real eccentric angle as in the case of the ellipse. Since may be used for these expressions clearly satisfy the equation of the hyperbola: You can see the hyperbolic curve is similar to our "flipped" exponential decay ones, but not identical.

The author says early in the article: Well, I don't know that it's "despicable" jargon this is the kind of statement that discourages people from being comfortable with mathematicsand it worried me that a mathematical term was being maligned, so I read on.

The Director Circle Using the same substitution as above it can be found that the locus of the points of intersection of perpendicular tangents to the hyperbola is the circle; This circle is called the director circle. This is a hyperbolic curve: The Michaelis-Menten equation has the same form as the equation for a rectangular hyperbola; graphical analysis of reaction rate V versus substrate concentration [S] produces a hyperbolic rate plot.

It is a figure of speech in which a positive is stated by negating its opposite. Since the phrase hyperbolic discounting is despicable jargon, let me explain it in terms that even I can understand.