Reckhorn BS Tactile Transducer Reckhorn BS Tactile Transducer

How to hook up tactile transducers, welcome to reddit.

I have put a lot of effort into the effects creation I have with SSW. The advantage of tactile transducers used for low frequencies is that they allow a listening environment that is not filled with loud low frequency waves.

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In simple terms, the more up and down movement of the voice coil the more transfer to your whatever I then embedded this spring into a fairly stiff section of sponge, sandwiched between the aluminum brace and the bottom of the sim.

An example I will have to deal with is where the computer power supply is located.

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If it were me I would seek to use some form of "visual" indicator to help test what you are implementing. For pedals, forget the idea of a single platform for all 3 pedals. You can see how I marked the "speaker" attachment points 25 and respectively so I can see where I need to connect the lines at a glance.

First, it does work and works well. Furthermore, a potentiometer can now be wired in to this circuit for further fine tuning between the pucks and BST-1 if desired. A listener's body can feel the vibrations from the LFE, enhancing the overall sensation of the bass.

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Yes, I know it's rated at like 30 watts or so and probably wont last forever. Though it is FIRMLY mounted to the bottom of the sim using plumbers tape, I'm going to have to house it's suspension method in some kind of rubber I presume.

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Well, its up to you I suppose what you wish to do. I could have just bought one, but hey. It makes a vibration that sounds like my mother in law yelping and simply has to be remedied or put to death so to speak Related to bass shakers are a newer type of transducer referred to as linear actuators.

How to Add Immersion to your ED Experience With Tactile Transducers. : EliteDangerous

This one worked, but only had one working voice coil. Bumps are not the only case scenario here, they are in most cases a quick or repetitive sensation.

My own early attempts with this were successful in a few test builds using my steel tubing. This 1979 winnebago brave power hook up me dial in the power to them separately from the chair and fine tune things a bit.

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While not recommended to do so the Clarke Platinum can produce at its highest volumes a low end tactile effect so deep the only way I can describe it is that it can rattle your brain within your skull Great to see more people get into tactile though Probably not by using the sub out - most sub outs are just preamp outs an RCA jack.

Although I am just using audio output some games output telemetry data that can be fed into bass shakers.

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I know for a fact now that spending more will bring a major upgrade in the sheer depth and quality of the effect you get. On the far right is a white headphone splitter with an RCA adaptor attached.

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Just watch your Impedance. I thought you weren't supposed to be able to hear the music so much as feel it. This holds the voice coil in place and keeps it from literally blowing apart, while still allowing the required movement of the voice coil.

The pedals themselves can be installed on individual platforms and isolated seperately. You only need to know what it gives per channel though, besides it drives each channel seperately so you can use different impedance speakers.

To me, this is an area users should be concentrating on to help determine what materials or combos work well and if we find different levels of solutions needed with the more powerful tactile. The speed at which the voice coil hammers will create a sound similar to the old man on the HeHa TV show that uses a wire in his mouth to make a "boing" boing" sound.

The total is just the sum of the two basically. Everything was cut to shape using a jig saw. How it is Wired http: This has been raised before, people can mount directly to the and still get plenty of vibration.

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Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! However for me this a real bugbear, I want the channel purity of stereo maintained, I want to increase the channel detail as much as possible and yes I also want plenty of power but not at the cost of channel separation or frequency detail.

There are 6 carriage bolts with vibration dampeners that hold the speaker to the sim. By all means a user will experience some nice tactile effects with these. I ended up using a 1.

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You get what you pay for I suppose. If it CAN vibrate loose I hope you will enjoy yourself with it. I'm not too worried because ultimately I want to run an additional two transducers so I will have to buy two more plus one amp.

February 5, After experiencing the insane effects of what a tactile transducer can do, I became hooked. The second Y splitter connects to to an RCA audio line which them plugs into the SA amp, feeding bass signal to the amps and bass shakers. The floor of my sim becomes this "counterweight", and sends chilling, hard hitting signals throughout the sim.

It connects to an RCA Y splitter.

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I actually have a gaming chair that i built a cockpit around in my garage. This plywood, for those of you who have researched, takes the place of having to have a counterweight.

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This may depend on the installation and the tactile used. The first thing I found is very little information on construction of a tactile transducer, but enough to get a general idea.

It may be sufficient with smaller tactile but what happens if we greatly increase the level of tactile energy and in particular not just wattage but the energy within the low-frequency range, how sufficient then is the same solution?

So a weight simply wasn't going to be the answer. I wired them in series, netting me a 4 ohm load. The only way to know what they offered was buying them. This will mix in some cases effects that are meant to be positioned for the left to the right and vice versa. A 12" car sub speaker is rather deep, like 10" or so.

It was a blast for one night until I blew the remaining voice coil.

Need some help with tactile transducers

Some old ideas, early thoughts on this The last photo is of the Clark Transducer. When it craps, I'll just run the Clark on a 4 ohm load. Although I am keen to let you feel each of my latest babies running at approx watts and compare these to running the Buttkicker LFE at watts.