How to Install the Logitech X | It Still Works How to Install the Logitech X | It Still Works

How to hook up logitech computer speakers, using headphone jack

Plug the green input cable into the female speaker slot on the back of your computer tower. Plug one speaker into the other, if required. The button is the one to the far right.

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Using RCA Audio to 3. Computer speakers provide audio functionality for your computer, allowing you to listen to application and media sounds or to provide sound for an audience during presentations. Step Plug the pin connected to the control pod into an open headphone jack on your TV.

Slide the connection over the metal male piece on the subwoofer. It also includes a control pod that allows you to regulate volume.

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Plug the power cord from the speakers into pascal po polsku online dating electrical socket and turn the speakers on. Make sure there is at least 6 inches of free space around the subwoofer.

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He has worked for several news organizations, newspapers such as the "Milwaukee Journal How to hook up logitech computer speakers and trade magazines during his career of more than 15 years.

Step Place the power cable into an open electrical outlet. Video of the Day Using Headphone Jack Step Plug the pin attached to the two satellite speakers into the speaker port on the back of your subwoofer.

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Step Press the "Power" button on the control pod to power on your subwoofer. Step Press the "Power" button on the control pod to power on your subwoofer and then turn on your TV.

How to Hook Up Computer Speakers

Test your sound by opening an application that has sound or by playing media, such as music or a movie, on your computer. Locate the sound card jacks on your computer. Step Plug the pin connected to the control pod into the 3. Many times, the sound card jacks will be color coded, which allows you to determine the proper speaker jack, especially when hooking up speakers to different computer models.

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This may vary depending on the speaker model, but you usually plug into the speaker that contains the power button and volume control.

She has worked in materials development, media and information technology in the nonprofit sector since Click the "Speakers" icon in the notification area of your Windows taskbar. He is currently a freelance writer who works for several publications.

The speaker system consists of two speakers and a subwoofer. Step Connect the red and white inputs on the "RCA audio to 3. Place each of the speakers on either side of your monitor. The right speaker has the controls on it, so place it in a location where you can adjust the settings if needed.

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Share on Facebook The Logitech Z is a 2. Step Turn on your TV and then move the volume control on the control pod to increase or decrease volume. Most computers have a sound card installed by default, which includes sound jacks for microphones and speakers. Depending how your computer is arranged on your desktop, you will want to adjust the exact positioning of the two speakers and the subwoofer.

Plug the speaker cable into the headphone jack of a laptop. McManaway has also been a writer and editor since Step Connect the power cable to an open electrical outlet.

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Audio jack inputs may be located on the back or front of your TV or monitor depending on the model. Most of the time, this speaker slot is coded with the same green as the end of the input cable. If your speakers have a volume control, you may need to adjust the speaker volume as well.

You will commonly find three round jacks, the size of a headphone jack, on the back of a desktop computer.

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Fasten each screw on either side of the plug. Often, this cable will also have a green colored connector. Setting up the speaker system takes about 10 minutes.

The LED light comes on.

How to Hook a Logitech Z313 to a TV

Plug the subwoofer into an outlet. The speakers allow you to hear surround sound effects and create a theater-like feeling.

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Put the subwoofer on the ground. Once you locate the sound card jacks on your computer, you can hook up your computer speakers to the proper jack and adjust the volume to your desired level.

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Make sure the pins are aligned. Connect the D-sub plug from the right speaker to the back of the subwoofer. Connecting your speaker system to your TV monitor may enhance sound output especially when watching movies.