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They are also very passionate about their team and soccer. A shirtless Marchisio is a sight to behold due to his fully developed six-pack and chiseled abs. He is a dedicated individual and his good looking body can be attributed to constant gym work and practice.

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The Green Bay Packers may be in the middle of a relatively poor season, but cheeseheads can always just Google their quarterback's girlfriend if they need some cheering up. Recent studies indicate that The FIFA World Cup was the most widely viewed sporting event with over half a billion people tuning in to watch the world cup finals in Brazil.

Whoever said that spending too hot football women players dating time on the computer would be bad for your brain never even fathomed that it may be the best thing that could ever happen to your heart.

They are absolutely stunning!

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Bertrand is a Southampton Football Club defender. This makes them even more confident and sexy. He endorses among other things Rexona and Adidas. Well, he's worked as a quarterbacks coach for a CFL team and has worked with individual quarterbacks since his retirement.

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Gabrielle Union It may have been a while since Gabrielle Union has been involved with a football player but the simple fact is that time never erases our memories, and those revolving around Chris Howard taught her to not stress the little things in life.

Swedish female football fans? That being said, all of the players have a life separate from sports, and have gone on more than their fair share of dates. Or sell your own predictions and earn money.

Women football hot

After presenting for three years on the talent show Operacion Triunfo, Pilar Rubio has starred in several films and TV series. The two got engaged back in and married in Some like Cristiano Ronaldo even admit to doing over one thousand push-ups a day so as to maintain those abs.

You might also be interested in. She dated quarterback Mark Sanchez back in and while it never got too serious, we have to imagine Sanchez is counting his blessings.

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After a difficult childhood Yolanthe Cabau moved to Holland where she got into acting for some movies and TV dramas. Be a football wags was almost a privilege before. When she was in her twenties, her main focus was getting engaged and that's exactly what happened.

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With his good looks and exceptional abs, James has won the hearts of many a female fans. Edurne has represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest At 41 years of age, David Beckham is still as trendy and stylish as they come. However, even if he wasn't at his peak in Atalanta, he still got to come home to this gorgeous lady.

Brazil have the hottest female football fans in the world! Now the term wag is also used in other sports besides football.

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Get the betting tipsters expert advices on BettingRunner and win your bets. Added to that, Belgium also have some of the hottest female football fans in the world. Having met in Dallas where he was playing, their eyes met and the rest, as they say, is history.

He had played eight seasons in the NFL and missed most of his eighth with an injury. Now lets us count down the top 10 sexiest soccer players of Not much is known about her, but we know what's important, Willis is a lucky man.

Marchisio spots a fully grown beard and Italian blue eyes that are a hit with all the ladies.