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Hook up openstage 20 phone to pc, important information

Siemens OPENSTAGE 20 User Manual

I service personne have activated a unction on your phone, which continuousy transmits operating data to a server, you wi see the ashing icon in the upper dispay ine. Scro down In ists and menus: Administrative tasks are dealt with in a separate manual.

The unction keys aow you to ca up the most requenty used 3 unctions during a ca e. Seect and conirm "Yes" or "No". Proceed with your ca. These instructions should be strictly complied with to avoid operating errors and ensure optimum use of your multifunctional telephone in the network.

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For this reason ater entering the number you must either conirm the "Dia" option or wait unti the dia deay expires to set up the connection.

Hook up openstage 20 phone to pc you did not set a phone number when programming ca deection, you are now prompted to enter a destination phone number or ca deection. In this case, the caer hears the busy signa.

Siemens OPENSTAGE 20 2000

I the phone is ide, the ca orwarding icon K appears in the second dispay ine harry potter vs twilight actors dating the destination phone number. You receive a caback when the other party s ine becomes ree. Aternativey you can seect a ca ist without using the Hod unctions - the active ca is automaticay paced on Hod.

The LED on the O page 15 key ights up to signa new missed cas.

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The secure voice communication option must be activated by your service personne. Enter the station number. The group ca can be picked up both by iting the handset and via the "Pickup ca" menu option. Who is caing Who orwarded irst or ast. The phone in the it immediatey dias the reception number.

General information

Direct Inward System Access. The r key ights up.

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These instructions shoud be stricty compied with to avoid operating errors and ensure optimum use o your mutiunctiona teephone in the network. The connection is set up. The caer s phone number is added to the missed cas ist.

Teephone type The phone name data can be ound on the name pate on the base o the device; The exact product name and seria number are speciied here.

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This user guide is intended to hep you amiiarize yourse with OpenStage and a o its unctions. To enter the etter "h", press the number 4 key on the keypad twice. Enter and conirm the User password.

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Adjust the ca voume whie speakerphone mode is active. By pressing the N key you interrupt the editing, eave the menu and return to ide mode page Switching to the hed party aternating Aternate? Forwarded cas The number o missed cas and unchecked cas is shown on the ide dispay.

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You can seect urther editor unctions via the cick whee, and conirm each one using i: I your system is appropriatey conigured, activating this unction cas the maibox.

Press or wait unti the dia deay expires see page Seect the appropriate ca orwarding type. This ensures you have a ronta view o the dispay whie eiminating ight reexes.

Ca ists Each ca ist may contain up to 30 entries.

Siemens OPENSTAGE 20 2000 -

Copies the entire content to the cipboard Paste: Technica notes, current inormation about irmware updates, requenty asked questions and ots more can be ound on the Internet at: The unction is not conigured or you or your teephone. On Seect and conirm "On" or "O". A group ca is waiting is dispayed with Pickup: At east one caback was requested.

Deetes characters rom right to et Cance: I the conigured time expires, you need to reenter your password when opening the menu and manuay go to the required point in the menu.

Adjust the contrast as required page 12 Getting to know your OpenStage phone Getting to know your OpenStage phone The oowing sections describe the most requenty used operating eements and the dispays on your OpenStage phone.

Siemens OPENSTAGE 20 - -

Seect and conirm the option shown in the ide phone s context menu. You are conducting a ca.

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I you experience probems or deects with the phone, pease dia the service number or your country. User or z N i nec. Lit the handset ony i the appropriate unction is set by your service personne Ignoring a group ca Ignore? Retrieving a hed ca Hed ca wait status Ater pacing a ca on hod, you can repace the handset and then decide i the ca shoud be retrieved or disconnected.

You are conducting a ca via the handset.