What is the Origin of the Expression, What is the Origin of the Expression, "Hock a Loogie"?

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Guys will tell you they hock a loogie by using short controlled breaths in conjunction with the throat muscles more so than all that air from the lungs.

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Online Dating Agency Dating Sydney way. That is not what I understand it to mean at all. It's just spitting from the tip of the tongue, without the use of much spit. Interesting, yet very gross.

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Isn't it when a person hocks making a semi coughing noise to loosen something from the throatthen spits out a semi solid small ball of waxy substance that was formed in the upper throat from sinus drainage?

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I've seen other variations of it like "hawk a lunger" and "hang a louie. We will not do your writing for you by giving you ideas and paragraphs to copy. I personally don't understand the origin of this phrase. He broke into the Majors as a first baseman all of but played most of his career as a second baseman.

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