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Tokyo is vast but Roppongi is where most of it happens. Taxes on alcohol mean the price of imbibing is higher in Singapore. Reliable and convenient public transportation 2.

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Personal income taxes in the two cities are relatively low. In civil liberties and press freedom, Singapore has pretty much nothing to boast about. Simply saying Singapore is a cut above because it has a higher GDP is cherry-picking.

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In Singapore, where there is no autonomous space for political participation, our only saving grace is the once-in-five-years General Election GE. Higher stress from fast pace of life Pros for Hong Kong over Singapore: Artificial and stale feel: And oh, unlike Hong KongSingapore has not implemented mehdi hassan ghazals online dating wages.

Most of the large employment websites advertise jobs in both locations, including Monster and Indeed. Thu, Jun 29, - The large expat community in both locations ensures that even those without the first idea of any language other than English have no problem living there.

Geez there is so much hidden culture in Japan and I am sure if I looked Japanese many more doors would open as even with my Japanese mate a few places would not let us in because I was a foreigner.

That trend carries across most industries. The gov has a paternalistic "I know what's best for you" attitude with censorship and more limited freedoms compared to Hong Kong.

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Both are prominent regional financial centers and were being touted as a refuge for bankers looking for opportunities away from Western markets during the financial crisis. Then, over the last two decades, the rise of the Chinese mainland led to the rise of the Shenzhen mistress, and an increase in the number of ambitious young mainlanders living in the city.

Beijing is clearly foisting on Hong Kong the so-called China model of political repression cum economic liberalization. Since the last GE, there have been signs that the government is slightly more responsive, but at the same time, very little has changed in its style of governance.

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In the sphere of civil liberties and press freedom, Singapore is a laggard but the government has no qualms about it. The average temperature throughout the whole year is hong kong vs singapore expat dating 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

A blog about politics and policies in Singapore and beyond Hong Kong vs Singapore: International companies based in Hong Kong rose 53 per cent sincetotaling almost 1, as of last year, according to government data. As a pilot, and expat in general, this won't impact you in your daily life.

What can be reassuring to families can be a little stifling for young people. Hong Kong ranks No 4, up one place from a year before. Singaporean graduates thus suddenly find themselves in an advantageous position.

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But a viable alternative government is yet to evolve. Of course, there is no shortage of sincere marriages between local women and foreign men and the other way around, though this seems to be a very small minority of cross-cultural couples.

Besides the fact that is has the best economic freedom, unlike most cities where people have established circles of friends, in Hong Kong, people come and go so often that there is a distinct lack of cliques, which is quite refreshing.

But there is no knowing if Beijing may alter the rules of the game or pull strings behind the scene to ensure only approved candidates may stand for election before Hongkongers vote.

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Stronger rule of law and more freedoms 2. Ever-worsening pollution the no. The Hong Kong vs Singapore debate has been around for decades, and it is unlikely to disappear any time soon. Hong Kong has a big party scene and is perceived as a place where white men in particular punch above their weight — the man who considers himself of average looks and charm in his home country may find himself more in demand.

The average age in Hong Kong is 42 years, against the Anyway plenty of Asian flesh in most Asia who hate Asian men so either way sex life is easy if you are not Asian!

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Karroke bars are usually filled with foreign prostitutes so anything goes so long as it's agreed. After moving to Singapore a little less than a year ago, I realised that the appeal of these two cities largely depends on your personal status. Which one would you choose?

So there you go. It's not just about housing, but the overall cost of living. Overall, rent in Hong Kong is 47 per cent more expensive, according to June data from Expatistan. The Hong Kong woman, stereotype has it, wants it both ways — to be considered an equal and arguably a superior, and still get the benefit of traditional gender roles when it suits her.

Due to The Global Cities Index Hong Kong is rated better globally connected than Singapore, it measures global engagement of cities across five dimensions: Hong Kong, of course, has long had a large marriage pool of foreigners complicating the issue.

But one realm in which Singapore never aspired to beat its rival is that of civil liberties — freedom of speech, protest rights and others. There is one more reason why families prefer Singapore - a sense of security coupled with an easy-going lifestyle.

Although Hong Kong has dozens of newspapers, there are signs that even reputable newspapers like Mingpao have compromised on journalistic integrity.

Mandarin is also an accepted language.

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Hong Kong is being positioned as the place to launch your career. He or she will not be expected to observe all the family niceties and can blunder along saying the wrong thing to a future mother-in-law without being held responsible. He got offers from both Singapore and Hong Kong, and he opted for Singapore.

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Hong Kong reported clean air days, for 67 per cent ofaccording to data compiled by Bloomberg based on the city's air quality index.

Hong Kong people do go on dates, and asking a woman out is not an intention to marry. Singapore, despite stringent vehicle emissions standards, is occasionally plagued by trouble from across its border as well: Hong Kong suffers from higher costs, while Singapore boasts cheaper office rent - about half the price on a per square meter basis, the report said.

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Back before Hong Kong's handover to Chinese rule inHong Kong had an edge due to expectations of the opening of China's economy, the city's role as the entrepot on the border, and the banking industry poised to capitalise on it. Expertise in these areas are needed and there is also a demand for accounting and legal skills.

Pubic transportation in both cities is excellent. This has been the case for many years, but more recently, it dipped to the point where it's "nearly on par with Beijing's", according to the South China Morning Post.

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The Weather Hong Kong has four distinct seasons: But while intentions may be harder to decipher and cultural confusion may cause hurtful misunderstanding, the foreign partner can also circumvent social expectations.

Singapore is making more of an effort to appeal to party animals.

Easy access to beaches in neighbouring SEA for a quick get-away. I did the rounds in Kyoto too and could only access due to being vouched by an accompanying Japanese friend. Meanwhile, those with a family would prefer Singapore more, mostly "because of better air quality and better education", according to a human resources manager at a Hong Kong bank.

Singapore's air quality, on the contrary, is generally much better. It dosen't have that sense of "realness" you get in Hong Kong.