A man with a Henry the Hoover tattoo on his crotch says it's ruining his love life A man with a Henry the Hoover tattoo on his crotch says it's ruining his love life

Henry the hoover gets drunk and flirts, henry hoover – a comprehensive review!

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He is made from injection moulded hard wearing plastic for the drum and head, with many of the components being shared with models from the commercial and industrial ranges. For this reason, you can be sure that you are getting a very reliable machine.

Although not a huge problem, it did mean carrying the soft dusting brush from room to room separately whilst cleaning. If you use him for work you are still covered under this warranty as are all of the machines in the family, this is why you will frequently see the cheeky smile of Henry cleaners in offices and schools all over the country.

A selection of hand tools makes cleaning sofas, curtains, skirting boards and even dusting around the coving very easy. If you are looking for a great value, easy to use, reliable vacuum cleaner then he really 4 months of dating anniversary letter your man.

You don’t say. (Images are NSFW. Not safe for life, either.)

For this reason, he misses out on the perfect score and gets a 96 out of The NRV has a slightly longer power cable, a lower powered w motor and a lesser accessory kit containing only the very basics. All of the accessories are very easy to change they are mostly of a push fit design making switching from one task to another an absolute breeze.

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Flo-Max Hose — This 2. His large 9 litre bag capacity also means you will not need to change the bag that often, further improving the convenience of using Henry.

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HVR W This is an older model that was fitted with a W motor, it has since been upgraded to a more powerful W version listed above. Stainless Steel Tube Set — This 3 piece set forms the upright of the floor wand, it can also give extra reach for dusting cobwebs from the ceiling and light fixtures.

Henry the hoover has a girlfriend

Do not fret though, the long power cable is easy to store with the vacuum as it winds easily into the head of him with a winding handle. He really is that reliable and well made, this is a hard score to beat, and we rarely see any other machines come close to this durability in the marketplace.

Other Henry Models HVR W This is the latest model; he has a W motor that performs just as well as all older models thanks to its superior newer design that is highly efficient.

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The stiff bristles brush them out and they are then sucked away. The filters are easy to clean and simply need brushing off not washing into the bin.

Henry Hoover – The UK’s Most Friendly Vacuum

There is a nice front bumper ring to protect the front wheels, but other than that he is very much the same machine. Durability With his history firmly embedded in a commercial environment we found him very durable. Changing the dust bags is clean and simple to do, you just need to release two clips and the head can be removed, allowing the old dust bag to be removed and a new one fitted.

Can Henry be used Without bags?

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The latest version of the HVR is W in power, you may have noticed that there are a lot of sites listing other versions with different power ratings, these are all older models. Henry Creeps Me Out!

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With such a comprehensive accessory set available, and cheap spares and accessories available off the shelf you will find that your home cleaning performance will drastically improve, all whilst saving money by having one of the most energy efficient vacuum cleaners on the market.

Crevice tool — This is especially good for getting into corners in the back of the sofa, and again we found this tool brilliant when cleaning the car. Yes… but, we do recommend that you use bags. Their large capacity means they last for ages too, we found a bag in our house test lasted around 1 month before becoming full.

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Accessories This little red cleaning demon is known for coming with a plentiful supply of accessories allowing him to carry out almost all dry cleaning tasks around the home from floor to bookshelf, to ceiling. You will find that he will work fine without bags, but performance may suffer in the long run and ultimately cause issues with reliability in the long run.

Ease Of Use The Numatic Henry is very easy to use, even on stairs he performs well with the long reach of his hose allowing him to easily reach the centre of a standard staircase from the bottom and top. Overall Henry scored a fantastic 92 out of !

Hetty Vacuum

Wand storage is another plus when it comes to using the Henry Hoover, he has a nice sturdy docking point on his back that allows the wand to be stored away neatly when Henry is not in use, on other machines and previous models you were always searching for somewhere to lean the floor tool and it often fell over!

Conclusion Henry really does offer some of the best cleaning performance regardless of price range, there are a few other machines out there from his family that include extras to give further functionality, but these extras may not be necessary for you.

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Henry comes complete with everything shown in the below image we have numbered everything up for you so we can explain what they all are and what they do. His long power cable also means that you do not need to unplug him all the time after running out of reach less bending over.

Henry Hoover - The UK's Most Friendly Vacuum - igdolazabal.com

Just make sure that the brushes are down on hard floor, and up on carpets. We found it really good for cleaning air vents in the car! Generally, this machine is known to be one of the most reliable machines in the marketplace, this is why he is so popular.