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Harry styles flirting with fans. One direction's harry styles 'spotted flirting with natalie imbruglia'

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PLEASE prove you're point before going and commenting on videos like this, I didn't come here to hate or get hate but you all need to get it through! Honestly it's not all of you, some of you are respectful and think twice before commenting, but some are just stuck up and rude! I mean harry styles flirting with fans on!

However, that all changed on Thursday night when he was spotted flirting with Brazilian singer Anitta.

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You guys are all "his straight, Its his life and he knows if he is gay, straight or bisexual! I've been watching Harry Styles and 1D compilations for hours and I am dying inside.

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Hwanhee dating 2018 world dated and flirted with girls but he also supports lgbts. He is never short of female attention, but usually it comes from fans - rather than fellow celebrities.

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Hilariously, just hours before the picture was taken, Harry was seen enjoying a sexy dance lesson after watching the Rojo Tango show in Argentina. But this video obviouly proves harry isent full on gay. The singer certainly hasn't been short of female attention during his trip It's his style: Anitta and One Direction's Harry styles cosy up for a photo The 21 year-old Brazilian stunner — real name Larissa de Macedo Machado — posed together for a photograph which was shared via her Instagram account.

Even his family, friends Especially Liam and himself confirmed that larry is not real, what him and Louis have between them is bromance and that he is into girls.

You making this video, making it look like Harry just flirts with every woman he comes across fuels that image.

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Also i ship larry but as a bromance not a relationship and i think for all the larry shippers who took the ship to far are one of the reasons why harry and louis didnt hang out as much now.

Might I add that I would hardly class half of these clips as "flirting" just because he is joking around with a member of the opposite sex doesn't mean he wants to get in her pants. Who cares if he's gay or not?

One Direction's Harry Styles flirts up a storm with Brazilian pop star Anitta

I thought you learnt all about this shit I'm primary school? Even if I wasn't a Larry shipper I would still find facts solid prove and evidence he's straight, bi or gay!

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There is no proofs he is gay besides edit pics and vid! We love them all and we would stick with them no matter what? Harry and his One Direction bandmates have clearly been making the most of their time on tour in South America.


Her debut album was released shortly after and certified gold. He might be bi or pan but i doubt he is gay for a fact. He might be straight. I mean come on guys! Harry cosied up to his stylist during a dancing show on Thursday Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Can you all find prove before going and shipping something like me?!

He might be gay or whatever. The pair met at a party in Ipanema - made famous by the Frank Sinatra track - and marks the latest sighting of Harry working his charms, this week.

This Harry Styles photo might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup.

Hats off to him: So take your hyper-sexual, hormonal, pubescent, heterosexual self and your gross attempt at trying to force Harry's womaniser image and get the fuck out of my SLclip recommendations. Larries can't even mind their own business.

Signed to Warner Records, her latest song Show das Poderosas amassed more than sixty million views on YouTube and was the best-selling single on iTunes Brazil.

Showing her wearing a leopard-print top with a pair of gold earrings, she looked seductive in the amateur snap, while Harry was typically handsome and cheeky.