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You do need to have a medical professional on hand and both be registered blood donors though. The Lapacho tree, Paraguay. Image via Flickr Interesting Facts About Paraguay: Coming in at up to nearly 70 kg the Capybara is huge.

These generally double up as brothels.

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Paraguay Facts for Kids Continue reading on the next page… 1. Consisting of over separate waterfalls, it is twice as wide and taller than the 2 fat ugly men dating Falls.

Other traditional folk arts are embroidered cloth, black clay work and ceramics, and gorgeous silver jewelry in filigree designs. Before it was illegal. The people of Paraguay enjoy sports, including football soccerrugby, tennis, and volleyball.

Along with Bolivia, Paraguay is the only other landlocked country in South America. Paraguay is just a little smaller than the state of California. Corn is used in Paraguayan soup sopa paraguayaBori bori soup and other dishes.

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Although virtually no one lives there overlives were lost when Paraguay fought Bolivia for it. An ancient cure, it was one of the primary medicines of the Incas. It mimics sounds made by nature and wildlife and is used in both music and spoken word.

Marsh plains, woody hills, forest and grass plains make up most of the country. Paraguay ranked number 6 in the world for soy production.

Guarani is still spoken by everyone in Paraguay, regardless of their income, politics or social class. A hot beverage served when the weather is cooler, it is also drunk cold when the temperature is hot.

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Fishing is as popular as football. The terrain consists mostly of grassy plains and wooded hills in the east, and low marshy plains in the west. Two staples of the Paraguayan diet are corn and cassava, a starchy root vegetable. The doors had been locked by the stores manager after the fire broke out to stop people leaving without paying for their shopping.

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The geography of Paraguay is defined by the Rio Paraguay river that divides the country into two distinct regions: The native Guarana people were living in Paraguay long before the arrival of the Spanish in the early s.

Clap your hands instead. Iguacu Fallsspanning the Iguacu River, is made up of more than individual waterfall cascades, is taller than Niagara Falls, and is twice its width. Lapacho or Taheebo comes from the inner bark of Purple or Red Lapacho trees and is used in herbal medicines and as tea.

It is imbibed through a metal drinking straw called a bombilla.

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Cassava or mandioca is baked with cheeses to make the thick bread known as Chipa. Situated on the border with Brazilthe dam is owned by both countries. Playing nearly competitive games for club and country as a goalkeeper, he managed to score 67 goals during his career due to being a freekick and penalty specialist.

Though Paraguay is a land-locked country with no border on the ocean, it has a well-trained navy. Yerba mate, which is related to common holly, is cultivated on plantations. Paraguay is the only country worldwide whose national flag has different emblems on each side.

In Paraguay you can as it is still legal.

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Image credit — CIA Nearly died and the same number was injured when a fire broke out in a supermarket.

Other indigenous heritages are its traditional string harp music and the traditional bottle dance, performed with dancers twirling bottles around their heads. As many as football stadiums could be built with the same amount of concrete as was used to build the Itaipu Dam.

On the front is the national coat of arms, and on the rear in the same position is the coat of arms for the national treasury. Tourism is a small, but steadily growing, industry in Paraguay, but the popularity of its better-known neighboring countries means that Paraguay is still one of the least-visited countries in South America.

More Uruguay animals include brown wolves, foxes, tapirs and more than species of birds.

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Paraguay's climate is mainly tropical to subtropical, but the absence of mountain ranges to act as a natural barrier means that the country's weather can fluctuate dramatically. Endangered animals include the jaguar, harpy eagle, red parrot, giant armadillo and anteater jurumi.

Flag of Paraguay Flag of Paraguay. As the first 3 presidents were dictators, they still lived in oppression for another 60 years.