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Gray juvia dating fanfic, helping a friend- erza and millianna

The Date [Gruvia Fanfic]

Chapter 3 is done. When Gray charged to attack, with a snap of his fingers he has Juvia standing in front of him. She must be really powerful gray juvia dating fanfic control the rain.

He was just testing the extent of the water mage's power and how far the two would try to fight against his manipulation.

Erza turned around and sees her friend Millianna, who just joined the guild, standing over her with a worried look on her face. A chill that is colder than what he already feel coming from the power that the man controlling them ran down Gray's spine as he look in Juvia's eyes.

You're a very attractive woman who any guy would be lucky to have. August 22, Updated: This year's Miss Fairy Tail contest was on its way and was certain to be exciting.

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She needs help in choosing a good smutty novel. You could hear the crowd screaming, "The Favorite! That's a welcoming that I could get used to. The terror la tifoidea es contagiosa yahoo dating what is going to occur reflects on their faces and it's horrible.

She saw him flinched as blood flows from the wound on her shoulder. And I'm not going to change my mind! I'm going to win this for sure. Levy tiptoed to Natsu's room so he could satisfy like in her fantasies.

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And what are you on about? Another lightning bolt crashes and Laxus has vanished to somewhere. Please fuck me more!

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After that, they could hear moaning coming from outside the window and went to go and see their four female friends eating each other out and playing with each other's pussies. Speaking of which why don't we go check on Laxus right now. The Greatest Power -: The next day "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.

Gray had told her what had happened on their mission.

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Avalon Academy First Fairy Mythos spin-off! Well almost everyone that is. Natsu had wondered what the sexy water mage saw in the ice stripper.

The Date [Gruvia Fanfic] - Cody - Wattpad

All the girls were staring at each other with intense glares as they all wanted to not only win but to have their own lover for a week. Of course there's something in her mind, but will it cause any good?

We're totally at a disadvantage! I'm going to make you pay for making Juvia do this.

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The anguish in Gray's eyes is so painful to look at. June 7, A world of heroes both new and old. It belongs to Mashima-sama. To Gray and Natsu, Erza is their 'sister'. Second chapter is done. It hurts to see her that sad.

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That's it for now, f there's any other arguments that need tamed, just let me know. She will protect the man she love the most. If it's really going to happen, he refused to see her die in his hands. On the other hand, Invel Yura — the winter general — is getting bored of all the staring between the two and decided it's time to start the fight that will conclude who will fight him.

So far, he's okay with her, but her finds her slightly annoying at times. Gray has a kink for immobilizing people. Once he feels Erza take his cock out her mouth he looked down disappointed. You guys are acting incredibly retarded!

I wonder what's she got in store for this year? I like them just the way they're are.

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Animal Soul depending on who you asked. However, Gray is left severely handicapped and may never walk again. What risk should she take to make things different? Out of everyone, Erza seemed to be the most out of it.

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Levy tries desperately to break up their fight but she couldn't. The two licked each and every corner of each other's mouths with both of them getting more aroused by the second.

She looks at the time and sees its almost six. Man this guy has some major issues.