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A governor based on Smartmax except it's heavily tweaked for better and maximum battery life.

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Ondemandplus is an ondemand and interactive-based governor that has additional power-saving capabilities while maintaining very snappy performance. The governor has two additional parameters.

This means slightly more battery drainage than the original PegasusQ but it is still a balanced governor. LionheartX is based on Lionheart but has a few changes on the tunables and features a suspend profile based on Smartass governor.


When GPU is really busy gaming, maps, benchmarking, etc intellidemand behaves like ondemand. Hotplugx It's a modified version of Hotplug and optimized for the suspension in off-screen So it will start from the bottom, take a load sample, if it's above the upthreshold, ramp up only one speed at a time, and ramp down one at a time.

So the results show that Wheatley works as intended and ensures that the C4 state is used whenever the task allows a proper efficient usage of the C4 state. By default this is configured for battery saving, so this is NOT a gaming or benchmark governor!

There's no upper limit for frequency while screen is off unlike Smartass.

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If a program is terminated, so that others can run the program with the highest priority in the current queue is executed. We can also set number of frequency steps to be skipped while polling up and down. Select 'Manage options' to set your data use and sharing choices.

Idle, UI and Max. It is significantly more responsive than OnDemand, because it's faster at scaling to maximum frequency. Interactive is the default governor of choice for today's smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

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It is designed to work within those fixed voltage ranges in order to maximize battery performance while creating a smooth UI operations. More aggressive ramping, so more performance, less battery Sign In to your account to avoid repeating this across your devices.

We also use this interazioni idrofobiche yahoo dating to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. So the entire frequency range is available for the governor to use during screen-on and screen-off state.

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Additionally, to make it "snappy", smartmax has "touch poke". Some users report that video playback using lagfree stutters a little. A PegasusQ modified, less aggressive and more stable.

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Ongoing processes in the queue, we know that multiple processes can run simultaneously on. This is called browsing mode. Depending on how the developer has implemented this governor, and the minimum clockspeed chosen by the user, the conservative governor can introduce choppy performance.

Faux no longer recommends intellidemand and believes that intellidemand users should switch to intelliactive for better optimizations and performance. Please enable and try again.

Checks for offline cpus and short circuits some unnecessary checks to improve code execution paths. So with the new highly-flexible Wheatley governor one can have the best of both worlds.

This is not the same as the original interactive governor because of this unique behavior.

Governor General

Badass removes all of this "fast peaking" to the max frequency. It will automatically cap the off screen speeds to Mhz, and if your min freq is higher than mhz, it will reset the min to mhz while screen is off and restore it upon screen awakening, and still scale accordingly to conservatives laws.

The original and unmodified conservative is slow and inefficient. It's a Governor derived from hotplug, it works the same way, but with the changes in savings for more battery life.

Governor general - definition of governor general by The Free Dictionary

Oath will also provide personalised ads to you on our partners' products. Therefore, it has a balance between battery savings and performance. It is battery friendly and spends most of the time at lower frequencies. If that is still not enough the governor gives you full throttle.

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Building on the classic 'ondemand' governor is implemented Wheatley governor. Therefore, it avoids CPU hotplugging. Learn More about our data uses and your choices. Lionheart is a conservative-based governor which is based on samsung's update3 source.

Interactive scales the clockspeed over the course of a timer set by the kernel developer or user. Looks like your cookies are disabled. Newer and modified versions of conservative from some kernels are much more responsive and are better all around for almost any use.

Ondemand is one of the original and oldest governors available on the linux kernel. It behaves mostly like smartass with the concept of an "ideal" frequency. It will automatically cap the off screen speeds to whatever the kernel developer sets it too and will still scale accordingly to conservatives laws.

Due to EU data protection laws, we Oathour vendors and our partners need your consent to set cookies on your device to use your search, location and browsing data to understand your interests and personalise and measure ads on our products.

Unlike older version, this one gives more control for the user.

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If the gpu is moderately busy it will bypass the above check and clock the cpu to max frequency, If the gpu is crushed under load, badass will lift the restrictions to the cpu. It is quite stable and has the same battery life as ondemand.

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Developed by XDA user Maxwen. In addition to the SoD is a prevention because it usually does not hotplug. Intellidemand does not jump to highest frequency when screen is off. This means it uses less battery than the original Smartmax so it is not a very good gaming governor again!

The Conservative Governor is also frequently described as a "slow OnDemand". The Hotplug governor performs very similarly to the OnDemand governor, with the added benefit of being more precise about how it steps down through the kernel's frequency table as the governor measures the user's CPU load.

Another smartassV2 based governor. This governor will slowly ramp down frequency when the screen is off and it could also let the frequency go to low making your phone unusable if min frequency is not checked. This is known as "hotplugging.

Three more user configurable parameters: The governor aim for an "ideal frequency", and ramp up more aggressively towards this freq and less aggressive after. Wheatley is a more performance orientated governor as it scales more aggressively than ondemand and sticks with higher frequencies. However, the upscaling has been modified to not scale up to maximum frequency immediately.

The tunables such as the thresholds and sampling rate were changed so the governor behaves more like the performance one, at the cost of battery as the scaling is very aggressive.

A modified version of Ondemand and is optimized for newer devices.