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Gossip girl characters dating in real life, what you've missed so far

Kirsten and Lily hate each other, but do like the same white wine.

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Just the fact he profited as his friends and family crumbled from the corruption that he revealed. Blair admits that Chuck gave it to her when they were supposed to go to Europe. Back at the party, Bart confronts Chuck about buying a bar behind his back.

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She gives birth to a daughter named Anastasia in the third season finale, and she and Vanya move into an apartment in Queens, bought for them by Cyrus. Blair walks in on this and is hurt by what she sees. Vanessa says she doesn't believe her and that Blair is probably just worried that Chuck is a decent person when he isn't around her.

Her boyfriend, Gabriel Edwards, is portrayed by Armie Hammer in the second season. Eric tries to assure her that Bart isn't trying to control everything and Serena agrees to give Lily's new marriage and rules a chance.

She answers that she was just explaining their game to Vanessa to make sure she understands that she was just a chess piece that needed to be knocked over in order for Chuck to take the queen. Olivia Burke is portrayed by Hilary Duff in season three.

She apologizes for everything that happened with them and he does too. Bart explains that he didn't tell Eric that, and that they had a talk which led to Eric coming to the decision all on his own.

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Serena thinks this over and gets ready to go out in a skimpy dress. She assures him that that will never happen again and goes outside to lecture a girl about wearing tights as pants. She reveals to Serena and others in attendance that she is currently living in Bedford, New Yorkis married to a young Wall Street stockbroker intern, and is outright bored with her current lifestyle of being a stay-at-home-mother.

Diacritica online dating tells him that she wants a relationship and at first they meet secretly so Louis' mother, Princess Sophie, doesn't discover her son is dating a commoner. Afterwards, Louis forgives Blair and continues the ceremony.

28 reasons Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey is the actual worst

After Russell calls Jack Bass with the intention of ruining Chuck, Chuck, Nate and Jack trick Russell and catch him while stealing one of the videos from the security cameras from the day of the fire.

Chuck comes over then and asks Blair what she's doing. Bit harsh, you might say? Dorota moves into the pool house.

1 His satirical book.

Serena demands to know whose idea this is, and Lily assures her that she and Bart made the decision together. She is a model that befriends Jenny, however when the two become business partners, things go wrong and they become enemies.

When Blair tries to break them up, she finds out that Eva was a prostitute, but Chuck forgives Eva for not telling him and dedicates a charity in Eva's name. But after her brother attacks Nate's father in jail for Juliet's attempt at forgoing their plans, she calls Nate, and ends their relationship for the sake of Howard's safety.

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Tamara Feldman portrayed Poppy Lifton in the second and sixth seasons, a friend of Serena's. He then leaves Blair alone in her room as he goes home.

Meanwhile, Vanessa's friend and owner of the bar, Horace Rogers, is impressed at the turnout. Chuck says it wasn't supposed to be a secret and that it's a great business deal for all involved.

Or did you just like the idea of using Queen B to get to the top of the social ladder? She is first introduced in the first season as the new Headmistress and immediately faces trouble with the junior class.

1 His second satirical book.

At the loft, Dan and Rufus sit together and Rufus notices Dan is still upset about what happened. She is hired by William van der Woodsen to seduce Rufus in order to break up him and Lily. Blair notices the two together and Bart asks for a moment to speak with Chuck alone.

Dan asks where his mother is, and Nate says she is still in the Hamptons and thinks he's staying with Chuck. Although the show is going strong, there is a price to pay when you're part of a hit TV show.

Her see-through dress that she intended to wear to the Snowflake Ball is used to humiliate Vanessa.

The cast of 'Gossip Girl' is just as wealthy in real life as their Upper East Side characters

Meanwhile, Serena runs into Dan on the street outside Nate's house. They have since become attached at the hip, whether it's at a Knicks game or trips to Miami. However Poppy and Gabriel are actually still together and use Serena to steal money from Lily. That's good news for the ladies! Edit Vanessa blackmails Blair into helping her with a cause, which leads to Blair seeking revenge along with Chuck.

Jude's, Nate tells Dan that the coach was impressed with his try out. He soon leaves New York as Serena and Chuck intervene. Hooks up with Georgina Sparks despite her trying to ruin the lives of all his nearest and dearest Sidenote: Confused, Dan asks what she means and she explains that Dan likes to hang out with girls more than guys.

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Chuck reminds her of the time they slept together and asks when it will happen again. Georgina later returns at the very end of season 4 for the Constance Billiard alumni event in hopes of stirring up drama.

She has a short affair with Nate. Isabel and Penelope contribute to the new rift between Blair and Serena when the position of Queen shifts from Blair to Serena.

At the end of the third episode, she meets a man in prison, Ben, who is later found out to be her brother. She reappears late in the second season where Georgina is at a church camp and appears to be a completely reformed "saved" Christian.

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He asks if she really does or only thinks she does before he gets hit with a slushy. She suggests he invite Nate for dinner to have Rufus' chili and then they can convince him to stay. She suggests he seduce and destroy Vanessa, then hands him a flier for the bar campaign.