Culture of Ghana - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family Culture of Ghana - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family

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It is also rude to stare or point at people in public.

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Ga and Fante form the main fishing communities, even along the lakes and rivers removed from their coastal homelands. In an effort to minimize water pollution from household waste and to reduce the quick spread of water-borne diseases, communities were often situated more than half a mile radius from rivers and lakes.

Gifts are not always opened when received.

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Graduates can normally expect high-paying jobs, especially in the public sector. Most are supported by foreign donors.

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The population in was approximately 20 million and was growing at a rate of 3 percent per year. A common feature of all Ghanaian cultures is a love of festivals. When the whole generation of siblings dies out, the estate then goes to the eldest sister's eldest son.

The man's parents and elder relatives or his mother and brother or sister as in the Asante tribewill approach moms dating rules girl's family on his behalf by "knocking on the door" of her family's house to ask for permission from them to allow him to court her.

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Civil cases that concern customary matters, such as land, inheritance, and marriage, are usually heard by a traditional chief. Family elders also assume religious functions in their capacity as organizers of ancestral rites.

Traditional crafts have also had a long tradition of importance for items such as pottery, handwoven cloth, carved stools, raffia baskets, and gold jewelry.

Most traditional kingdoms were divided into three hereditary classes: Chiefs mark their status by marrying dozens of women.

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Do not be surprised is business is not really discussed much at all. If a Ghanaian teases you take it good-naturedly. Government support for these services is maintained at approximately 1 percent of GDP.

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Manufactured goods are dominated by foreign imports, but some local industries have developed, including palm oil milling, aluminum smelting, beer and soft drink bottling, and furniture manufacturing. Upon a husband's death, his wife is expected to marry his brother, who also assumes responsibility for any children.

In the past, the deep forests were also regarded as a place of abode of the gods and the dead ancestors.

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Pottery is otherwise devoted to producing simple domestic items. Royal stools are afforded special attention. After death, the soul joins the ancestors in the afterworld to be revered and fed by descendants within the family.

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The major research establishment is located in Ghana's three universities and in government departments and public corporations. Clothing, both expensive Western and traditional items, is an important symbol of education and wealth.

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The remaining holidays are also highly politicized and provide forums for speeches by the major national leaders. Young children are treated with affection and indulgence. The Ghanaian legal system is a mixture of British law, applicable to criminal cases, and indigenous custom for civil cases.

Nuclear families are now more numerous.

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Extended family heads can expect their junior brothers, sons, and nephews to assume the major burdens of manual labor. In the succeeding decades, Ghana experienced a lot of political instability, with a series of coups and an alternation between civilian and military regimes.

One such venture, Sustainable Health Enterprises, is using banana fibre to produce affordable sanitary pads.

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Present and receive business cards with two hands or the right hand, never with the left. On the day she was finally handed over to her new husband after her seclusion, her parents would cover her body with powder as a symbol of her allegiance to her new husband.

Elaborate regalia are a hallmark of traditional kings and officials. This town is made up of two gods namely enose and amanzule.