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Roads are wide and paved. Our site was hard packed gravel, nice level site.

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They DO recycle here despite what we were told when we asked that specific question - not only separate bins at the park but the grocery store down the road takes cans and bottles.

We didn't during our week's stay. Customer service in making reservations and checking in left a lot to be desired but it's a county park. If the fix the electrical problems, I might give them a look again, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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No respect to the campers and kids were running through occupied sites to get water for squirt guns. Verizon and T-Mobile worked fine here. Proximity to NYC via train, full hookups, but only 30 amp.

Lots of people fishing and out enjoying the day use areas during our stay. Last weekend a large group was there with loud music all day long, and they were playing softball in the field and several balls ended up under my RV and car; I was worried about my rig getting hit.

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The county Park as a whole is huge and attracts hundreds and hundreds of people on the weekends. I don't plan on returning.

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The other side is various RVs and pull trailers that appear to be year-rounders. They don't provide fire pits but you can bring your own. The dumpster area is pretty rough.

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The electricity to the campground was intermittent, which posted a big problem on hot days. All the campers around me have branches scraping their roofs. If you live here, you probably get used to the trains running day and night. We were there early in the season so the transient side of the campground was empty.

Big sign says "Don't Feed Cats". Let's start with the bathrooms: The campsite is in need of renovation and investment.

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Price reflects a one week stay. Windows are covered in cobwebs and dead bugs.

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You'd think that, especially since there's a massive landfill capped off at this county park, employees would have an awareness of recycling? I didn't drink the tap water because I think it's well water and the campground is adjacent to a huge closed landfill.???

Nice paths to walk around the park and along the river. Lot's of permanent trailers have been here for years, lots of work trucks, big propane tanks, messy sites.

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Only a couple minor drawbacks: The train station is nearby, but probably too far to walk for most folks. Lots of low branches, the place needs a lot of tree work.

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Something was up with our electric pole as over voltage caused our surge protector to trip several times a day. I've been here a week so far and have only seen the restrooms cleaned once they need to be cleaned 2x a day.

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Most sites are on the small size for a big rig. It was quiet during our stay. Hair, mud, cigarette butts, empty shampoo bottles litter the restrooms. County workers everywhere riding around on golf carts, but not doing much.

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Dumpster stinks and is overflowing most of the time, stray cats everywhere around dumpster. Grocery store within a mile. Bathrooms were closed during our stay.