What causes a gem box to spawn in Clash of Clans? - Arqade What causes a gem box to spawn in Clash of Clans? - Arqade

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It advances when you remove an obstacle in the Home Village. So what does that mean? This means that clearing an obstacle will give you 6 Gems, then the next one will not give you Gems, the next one will give you 4 Gems, the next one 5 Gems and so on.

The most important ones are pushing to Champions League once and also reaching 3, Trophies in your Builder Base — this will reward you with 4, Gems which is really a lot!

As their names imply, they would've been used in NPC Bases.

GEM BOX REVEAL!! - Clash of Clans with Fred

Is it actually accessible? The third cycle governs the amount of Gems you receive from spawned obstacles in the Builder Base i. Old CR screenshots and other stuff from the soft launch.

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The production rate is quite slow but still a solid income stream for you. This spell was later removed, as it was too overpowered, thus leaving the sound effect paired with it unused. Mix of Colors found in debug.

The first cycle governs the amount of Gems you receive from an obstacle in your Home Village. This sequence exists 3 times inside the game and they all run independent from each other: Builder Base These things can only be found inside "buildings2.

Clash of Clans

It advances when you remove such an obstacle in the Builder Base. The second cycle governs the amount of Gems you receive from the original obstacles in the Builder Base i. In Decemberthis spell was added again, but removed on January again in Decemberthis spell was added again, but removed on January Debug Menu Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

A debug menu was found inside the file libg. With the low production rate, this can throw you back a lot and you might have noticed that you will always only collect 1 Gem from it when you collect your resources frequently.

Once this sequence has been completed, it will start over again.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing too much interesting in it: A variation of the jingle that plays when you deploy Clan Castle troops goes unused. You can also maximize the chance to get a Gem Box by always clearing out all obstacles in your village all the time.

If you collect it, the production will get completely reset, like with any other Mine or Collector. In this case the production got reset and you wasted 0.

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So make sure that you do not collect your Gems from your Gem Mine every time it highlights, let it run for a couple of days to minimize the loss of partial Gems. Always keep in mind that you can only have one single Gem Box in your village, so removing it when you get it is vital in order to get a new one!

A Gem Box can also just spawn in your base every 7 days. Santa Spell Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. GooseFraba in the official forum reported that back in and every evidence pointed to that — you can check out his research here.

Clash of Clans

You can see this file here. I know many of them are unlocked while you play over time, but there are also several that you can aim to unlock. Around Decemberthere was an update that added the Santa's Surprise spell. Needless to say that upgrading it rather sooner than later will help you, but if you have your Master Builder busy, you should at least focus on getting the Level 1 Gem Mine.

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Builders Hut There is a new Builders Hut inside buildings2. You can download the clip or download a player to play the clip in your browser.

This removed the Santa Spell easter egg from Goblin Picnic.

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Here are some examples from the past weeks: Mega Gem Box This bigger version of the gem box was featured in a joke videobut the graphics for it were left in the "buildings. You will lose a lot of Gems by collecting them!