Who is Kim Myung Soo dating? Kim Myung Soo partner, spouse Who is Kim Myung Soo dating? Kim Myung Soo partner, spouse

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She is also very honest and I believe she will take care of the family in a way that I like.

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It meant that I portrayed the character well. As the music video showed Park Myung Soo playing the piano and singing, his wife started tearing and everyone who watched this commented that the song prepared by Park Myung Soo was really very touching. Infinite Only, released last year, was their final Korean album with the original line-up.

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I read all the comments because I believe I can find out what I am lacking in and improve on those areas. More photos can be viewed at Sina China and Soompi forums. Although ordinary, we will try our best to live our life and be a model couple.

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I am quite a slow-witted person while she is really smart. Park Myung Soo and his wife are scheduled for their honeymoon in Bali island departing 7th April and they will settle down in Yoido, Seoul upon their return.

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Just last night, I was watching an anime," he tells The Straits Times. The wedding was a star studded event as many came to congratulate him. Park Myung Soo 38 held his wedding ceremony last night at Seoul Lotte Hotel with his wife, Han Mo 30 who is younger than him by 8 years and currently works as a dermatologist.

박명수 & 소찬휘 (Park Myung Soo & So Chan Whee) – 이지걸 (Feat. DJ Charles) Lyrics

The bouquet was caught by MBC announcer, Na Kyeong Eun who is presently in a relationship with Yoo Jae Suk which was really interesting seeing that most of his close friends have gotten married recently. It was really encouraging. Fans of the band, which were formed inwere left concerned after last month's announcement that a member, Hoya, will be leaving the group.

Better known as L of boyband Infinite, Kim, 25, has previously come to Singapore for concerts with his group. Concealing his identity with a mask in the show was a test of his acting chops, he says.

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Print Edition Subscribe Topics: She has many good points that I lack and so is someone who can complement me very well. There is no specific date, but there will be a comeback. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on September 28,with the headline 'More than just a pretty face'.

That is because he, too, is prone to fall for the charms of female leads in movies and even in animated series. Next in line probably?

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Myung Soo can actually sing a ballad! The two was introduced to each other by friends in and dated for two years before finally deciding to tie the knot.

It is a tradition for the bride to throw her bouquet and it was no exception yesterday as Park Myung Soo wife carried out the simple procedure.

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But Saturday's event was his first solo fan meet in Singapore. Later when I removed the mask, I found I could portray more detailed facial expressions.

독도리 (Dokdo-Ri)

The other six members have reportedly renewed their contract and will continue as Infinite, said the group's agency Woolim Entertainment. Assuring fans he will return as part of Infinite, Kim says: So I hope to have babies real quick.

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The song emcompasses the twists and turns that their romance took in the past two years and with them finally becoming husband and wife yesterday, it took on even greater importance and was very meaningful to the both of them.