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FML became extremely popular throughoutleading to several spin-offs and pepper sprays in bangalore dating spreading the initialism "FML" and catchphrase "fuck my life" to express frustration towards a variety of situations.

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A typical post on the site begins with "Today I…" and end with "FML," to which other users can then rate "I agree, your life sucks" or "you totally deserved it.

Spread The website experienced a rapid increase in traffic in Februaryaccording to a breakdown of web traffic by Alexa Internet.

The single topic blog FMyLife [1] was launched on January 13th, by Maxime Valette, Guillaume Passaglia and Didier Guedj, who founded the French website Vie de merde [3]which means "life of shit," a year earlier on January 12th, Fuck My Life I just totally dropped that pass. As I helped him across, the light turned green.

In MarchFMyLife announced that they had secured a book deal, which was released in early June In they were joined by singer Marka Rybin who possessed a strong vocal talent and a number of years in athletic training, ability rather useful for a rock band vocalist. Due to their fiery, explosive performances around the Czech Republic Gaia Mesiah were offered a contract with Universal Music.

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VDM became an internet phenomenon in its own right, becoming the ninth-most-searched-for service on Google 's French search engine, according to Wall Street Journal.

The harsh, juicy riff-driven rock of Gaia Mesiah is always seasoned with unexpected stylistic twists and turns into funk, Latino music or jazz, and even at its most straightforward Gaia Mesiah usually sounds inspired and energized.

Their live debut took place in December ofin a Prague club called Futurum. Yet in March it was announced that singer Marka Rybin chose to exit Gaia Mesiah, partly to pursue other projects and partly due to family matters.

The popularity of the site has inspired the launch of many anonymous, everyday anecdotal blogs centered around various expressions, from "My Life is X" spinoffs to other text-based story sharing platforms. The second full-length, Ocean, recorded with producer George Erice, was released in The band self-released their debut record Gaia Mesiah in -- although in actuality it was not really a full-fledged record but rather the very first demo the band recorded together.

By the band managed to attract attention of another frequent Prague resident, Jaz Coleman, the frontman of legendary Killing Joke. Alpha Female proved the strongest record in Gaia Mesiah's catalogue.

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Both girls grew in the not so well-to-do outskirts of Prague and sought refuge in their music. I then watched across a 6 lane street as someone stole my bike. Gaia Mesiah opted to go on and started searching for a new singer. FML quickly grew into a popular discussion thread on forums and imageboards like 4chan [3]Game Trailers forum [5] and Crackberry forum [4] among others.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About FML is an online acronym for "fuck my life" which stems from the name of a single topic blog dedicated to the daily misfortunes of everyday people. The band's genesis traces back to a childhood friendship between guitarist Santa Morella and drummer Misha Cortez.

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After some deliberation and a fruitless search for bassist Stewart was offered to become a permanent member of the band, an offer he gladly accepted. Coleman was so impressed with Gaia Mesiah that he handled the production duties for their third record, Alpha Female, even going as far as stating in an interview that he had rejected a number of interesting propositions only to have the pleasure to work with Gaia Mesiah.

These two formed the core of Gaia Mesiah back in By that time Gaia Mesiah was still without a permanent bassist; during their debut performance that position was filled in by Josh Stewart, an Australian-born traveler and musician who left his native land a few years prior in search of "music and soul" and ended up in Prague sharing rehearsal space with Gaia Mesiah.

Also Available in iTunes About Gaia Mesiah This three-part female, one-part male rock band from Prague, Czech Republic, strives to share the same vision of heavy music as a playground for all sorts of musical, stylistic and spiritual experimentation that unify many great rock bands such as Faith No More, Jane's Addiction, Deftones and Tool.